Laurie’s Positive Points: Our certainty is our formidable power.

Our certainty is our formidable power. 

Certainty is when we feel loved and lovable. 

Certainty is when we feel confident and capable.  

Certainty is when we are willing to make the effort to make the effort to live well. 

Our certainty is when we feel self- confident, we have attitude.  Our self preserving nature is perfect for us.

Sometimes we completely forget to be self preserving.  We may have a limited capacity for remembering and we are not finding the best way to do that because we don’t understand.

Self preserving by its very meaning means we are able to stay connected to our self-preserving all the time. 

We have the capacity of focus to be able to do remind ourselves to watch our own minds, bodies and spirits so we are in tuned with what is happening all the time.

We need to be positive that we attend to our selves and catch when we are not staying on beam. 

We need to be sure we focus on all the things like breathing and being comfortable in our bodies. 

If we are not comfortable, then nothing is easy so don’t take for granted the gift of having our bodies. 

Notice when our bodies need to be adjusted and tuned into another way of being; and being light  about what happens in our bodies will enhance our certainty. 

Feeling attitude is necessary in the case of our certainty.  We need to keep getting practice being self preserving.

Often we have gotten into habits of non being self preserving, I am so grateful I have grown to understand  we need to have  ample self respect and willingness to be an evolving individual.  This is the basis of our certainty.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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