Laurie’s Positive Points: Bless all that happens- it is God given.

Laurie’s Positive Points: We are always blessed, even when something goes wrong. Celebrate that we get to live at all.  

Our lives must make us smile, so we need to make sure we must adopt this attitude and see the world as a gift and allow it to make us grin ear to ear. 

Being alive is extraordinary. We need to remember and acknowledge this.

Make sure to notice our gifts and appreciate them because we have them. Appreciation needs to be our go, never forget it or overlook it.

Make sure we feel it through and through because when we do, we will be happier and more robust because we carry God’s Love in gratitude. We will always be blessed when we feel appreciation, so make sure we feel it and bring it within.

So gratitude is our gift, so express it throughout the day. And then remember that we are also gifted when something goes wrong.

Friday, we went to the Boston passport office to try to get an appointment so I could get another passport. I found out last week that my passport is not usable at this point. I am overdue to get a new one.

I also planned some international travel in about six weeks, so we need to have a plan to successfully get a new one in the next six weeks before we go to Mexico.

So we drove to the Boston passport office on Friday and tried to get an appointment. We had tried to call the passport office for days several times a day but could not successfully get through. We would always get hung up on, so it made good sense to try to go to the Boston passport office instead of trying to call since that did not work.  

So we drove there on Friday, trying to connect with them, and so it was costly in terms of time and money required to park in Boston, So this was frustrating!!

So instead of being frustrated the whole time, I reminded myself that God always has a Plan, and this would be too. So it took time and money to get there, so it was inconvenient.

But the cool thing was that there was a security guard there, and he told us that we had to wait until two weeks before traveling and then get a passport. That meant we did not have to wait there on Friday after we drove ourselves downtown.

We can wait for four weeks to go and get a passport then. It was handy that this security guard was outside the line. The line waiting outside the Boston passport office was so long it did not look like an easy and quick time to get it.

So this was such a miracle that this security guard was waiting outside the office, and he gave us accurate info, so we did not have to wait in line on Fri. So, in the end, this saved us an incredible amount of time and hassle on Friday.

We got the info we needed, such as when to return later and how to reach them by phone. He explained how we could get through on the phone, so that was all we needed. We will schedule the appointment over the phone.

So the time there was briefer than it would have been otherwise. So this was a marvel; we did not have to wait in the long line that day. I know God was with us and guides the Universe, so it was fantastic to witness this.

 All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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