2-14-15 Lesson 45 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lesson 45: “God is the Mind in which I think.”

The Course teaches us to stay focused on our minds and changing our thoughts to be aligned with God’s love.  We are given practice paying attention to our thoughts because this is where our power lies.  We are asked to grow in our awareness that thoughts are truly all there is in this world and in our minds.  We are temporarily in bodies but this is just an illusion that grasps our attention occasionally.  It can tear us away momentarily from the only real truth there is which is God.

Mind is the level of existence that we can change in order to alter the outcome of our human experience.  We were gifted with these minds which are the route we have to get back to God.  Even though we live in the world and live within our bodies, this is not the essence of what makes us energetically alive and functional.  This is just a diversion from God’s task.

We just need to stop overemphasizing our focus there.  We are asked to see that this land of physicality is just a temporary vehicle for our minds.  But as an energetic being our existence is not limited to a body.  Our energy extends out into all of the Universe.  Our energy has the power to affect and change all kinds of situations, distant and nearby.   We are asked to have a broader understanding of what our mind is.  This is not just a thinking box, but rather a sophisticated apparatus we can’t yet understand because the scope of what it is is so far beyond our capability to comprehend.

Fortunately this is an ongoing conversation about what our mind is and how God’s Mind naturally rests within us.  It could never be lost from the instruction book within about how to define ourselves as beings of Light of God.  We are asked to simply realize that Mind is so big we can simply appreciate the way we can connect to God and to all others through mind power.  Our willingness to see what our mind perceives is the direct route to peace because it is the place we can change our thoughts and feelings simply by willing it.  Or we can ask the Holy Spirit for help if we are yet to know how to will it alone.


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