ACIM Lesson 152

Lesson 152: “The power of decision is my own.”

The beauty is that peace of mind is actually so simple.

We sometimes need to simplify our lives in ways that allow us more clear access to the awareness that peace is accessible always. 

We can have an easier time managing our lives in the simplification.  Sometimes we are trying to manage too many projects or in some ways keep our focus engaged in a range of worldly pursuits.  Sometimes we get so overloaded in our activities, that we literally get overwhelmed with the idea of one more choice.

We want to be sensitive and thoughtful about our lives’ proceedings that we make lives that are fitting for what we can manage.  

We want to have no times when we are so overwhelmed by the plethora of options that we tune out from our decision to make God our number one priority.  We all want peace because all humans want peace, even if they define this feeling slightly differently.

People want peace because it feels the best, and thus we can all appreciate that ideally we all have the same goal. 

That means we don’t have to argue with any one over whether this is true, because we all know it is.

That is the first portion of the pie for us to acquire- when we realize we all want peace.  Once we come to this awareness then we can make whatever steps are helpful to allow us to simplify our lives and minds as much as we can so we can witness this priority as a beacon of light that is in truth.

We want to not waste time and effort managing and organizing what is unnecessary. 

The ego’s plans are all unnecessary because they do not bring us peace. 

This is why we have to just realize no matter how nice we like to order up the world’s situations in pretty pictures, in the end, this is a pointless exertion because it never creates for us the peace that we so long for.  The ego likes to make the world’s scenarios appealing.  Then they are harder to resist.  But the Course says it doesn’t matter how tempted we are.  This is never what works.

The world never brings us peace.

The world can bring us fun in the dream, and we can love this and participate in it in whatever way we feel called, but it is never the answer to our deepest prayer.  The only thing that matters to us is peace, when we get down to it.  That is why we just have to not be lured by the world’s trinkets.  They bring nothing but moments of sweet and flowery shades of beauty but they are only short-lived.

We need to have just the smallest amount of connection with the world.

We can play there and see it as the beautiful break along our path back to God. 

But just remember that the world’s ideas and the form are simply ways to bring love and bring God into all we see.  The Course says the world is not real but we can use it to laugh in and frolic with those we love.  We make it about love and another way to spend all of our moments in appreciation because this is the way peace is made.

When we allow the world to be unreal and we don’t get attached to it, then we can act there also from the perspective of forgiveness. 

We meet all the beautiful things there with the inspiration we feel and we make it a place to feel and experience the great gift of God’s love. 

We forgive the dream for the terror there and persist in making it all a place where we make all the moments there conscious choices to be joined with our Creator in the expressing of the Love that feeds our hearts.

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  1. Bob 8 years ago

    Thanks Laurie,
    The power of decision is my own, so, God does not make decisions for us. The world is made up of decisions, conservatively 500 a day times 7 billion people, that’s 3.5 trillion a day. So, my understanding is that God’s opportunity for correction is through those that are connected to god at the time of each decision. How Awesome!

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