ACIM Lesson 154

Lesson 154: “I am among the ministers of God.”

This lesson says, “Let us today be neither arrogant nor falsely humble.”

This causes the delay in our assuming our function as God’s ministers. 

This is what we are intended to be in this life, underlying any other function we seem to have in the world.  This means it is our priority, we must come to the inner awareness that this is our only purpose when all is said and done.  Nothing else is even a little bit important relative to God’s purpose for us.

The Course teaches what is the appropriate emotional response to being called and considered God’s ministers.  

This means that we have the important job of being an example in the world of one who stays clear in our own commitment to maintaining God’s certainty and remembering that we are all lovable exactly as we are.  This is the important thing. This is why we care about maintaining our own commitment to choosing actively and consistently God’s purpose for us.  The Course teaches us to be a particular way emotionally because our emotional choices exude a powerful energy and this changes the world.

We are meant to make emotional choices that allow us to resonate in an appropriate way to connect with God’s purpose accurately. 

As God’s ministers, we are chosen as everyone is to exude love and bring miracles to the masses who still believe in the illusion. 

Our hearts are selected with all others to play this role- and it is exactly as God planned it.  God gives us this role because God knows we are all ready to sustain this emotional proficiency.  The Course teaches us to not be falsely humble because this is when our egos are screaming at the top of their lungs that we are not meant to be gifted with such an amazing role.  The ego just likes to downplay how important we all are in God’s plan for the salvation of the world.

The Course says that we must remember that we are totally worthy of such a role.

God deems us all worthy and so we can just appreciate that there is no cause at all to sidestep being given this role because then we negate our worth. 

The ego just likes to put us down because keeping our minds in a lower level elevation then we don’t act in the world in ways that are truly meant for us. Instead,  we are stuck of those paralyzing feelings of inferiority.

This is why we must be gentle about this and yet step ahead and push the ego’s low opinion of us out of the way.  This is false.

The other end of the spectrum is that our ego decides falsely to be arrogant and that we are better than other people because we hear that God has chosen us.

The ego just likes to put everyone on a hierarchy because it likes to divide our brothers and sisters. 

The ego has a plan to separate us emotionally and energetically.

This is why we must just deflate our egos and instead allow gratitude to rush in.  We can feel infinitely grateful to God for this awesome role as God’s minister. 

We can sit and feel powerful because God so loves us that He includes us in His purpose. 

And we can sit and feel how everyone is equally gifted with the exact same gift from God because all people are ministers, as all are equally loved by God.

This lesson says, “The messages that they deliver are intended first for them.”  Our job is to accept the messages ourselves because they are meant for our hearts to absorb.  We all get to feel God’s Love in the messages because in order to give them we have to have received them first.   This is why we are all blessed with God’s purpose as ministers because we all benefit.

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  1. Bob 8 years ago

    I just last night posed a question about this, good answer. 🙂

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