ACIM Lesson 155

Lesson 155: “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”

Yesterday we talked about the flavor and nature of the intention we want to ideally feel as ministers of God.

The Course says we want to come to balance in our feelings of being powerful as God’s direct descendants and be happy and grateful for the role we play in sharing God’s Love in the worldly dream we think is reality currently.  

The gift is great indeed and we are learning how to be even- tempered within our minds about how to feel in this role we are all given.  The Course says that we want to not be arrogant because that arrogance is an overbearing energy where we are pushing against the idea of our being in this role.

When we make ourselves better than other people in our minds with flair of arrogance this results in our separating ourselves from others instead of joining with them as Jesus bids us.

That means that arrogance is never an appropriate way to sit with God’s gift.

This throws us out of sync with God because it is false inflation when we arrogant are so and that causes us to be not in the same elevation with God. 

This is why we need to step back and not let the ego get out in front because the ego likes to run madly with arrogance.

Also, our false humility is also not an appropriate feeling.

Anything false in not right to have in God’s world.  The falseness is an energy contrary to God so it never stays in tact. The ego likes to send us to the extremes.  And it likes to make us seem like we are in tuned with God’s energy.  But this false humility is not the way God does things.  God doesn’t want us to fein humility.  The Course says we are meant to be exactly as we are as ministers of God.

We don’t have to accept this role apologetically because we are worthy of the role as God knows us to be.

This lesson reminds us that we are meant to do our part in letting God be the director and guide of all that is meant to be manifest in form and in the Universe.  We are meant to be the ones who are active in this process.

We have the capacity to be mistakenly in the way.  

The Course says that we need to make sure our willingness is in check and functioning and allow it to be activated in the deciding to give God free rein to take care of our lives and minds.  The Course says that we are all empowered in our choice to be the ones who give God the go head to make what God wills.

It tries to make us believe the ego has an agenda that works so we are often resistant to giving up our egos’ tight grip on the throat of our angel of surrender.  We can’t connect with our serenity when we let the ego be in the center of our thinking.  Our surrender is the key to doing everything. Some part of us will still be pushing out in fury that we can’t do only what the ego wants to do.

The ego doesn’t let us get into an inner quiet about anything because the ego is nothing like the quiet acceptance of serenity.  This is why we must listen to it and allow it to happen always.

The Course teaches that serenity is the most important thing and I think of it as similar to applying forgiveness. 

Serenity allows us to get out of the position of control.  This is why we are meant to have this feeling and energy state front and foremost in our minds so we can benefit with this attitude about our consciousness.  That is the way to let God be the one in charge.

We must let everything be our inspiration for staying in serenity.

When we surrender all the time, our minds will automatically return to God over and over. 

Serenity is in the deepest part of our souls where we allow everything to work because we are in alignment within.


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