Laurie’s Positive Points

Laurie’s Positive Points:

Be open to exploring some other magical part of our lives that has yet been undiscovered.

The ego likes to keep things the same and keep us in the clench of the staid status quo.

Just look, and look openly at whatever it is we have previously denied. 

It is healthy to inquire- to search- within the depths of ourselves.  It is healthy to be open to finding new ways to experience our minds, and enjoy ways that our bodies move.

Just give ourselves permission to explore what is needing to be explored.  Exploring some, as a part of ourselves, is exciting and magical when we do it with God specifically. 

We just need to stay clear that we invite God to participate in delving into another unknown layer of our realities.  

We never want to do this in a state of feeling pressured, just as the ego does when we let it be in charge. 

God wants us to approach exploration of ourselves, with a mind of openness and freedom to start and stop when changing directions feels appropriate. 

While we do this exploration, just allow and adopt God’s wisdom, His gentleness, and His vision of easiness, to be the cornerstone of our experience.

When God holds our hand, then every thing we do will be blessed.  When we breathe deeply, and God is with us, then there is no urgency, no pressure to change anything. 

We allow God to be our inspiration, because we know we can trust God to instruct us about any apparent details we should know.

Remember to be unattached with the process, and let the exploration come and go, as it it needs to be.  Allow everything to be fine as it is in the process. 

Exploration of anything is necessarily filled with our ego’s judgement. The second the ego starts to assert its pressure, then automatically we feel wrong. 

We automatically have the attack energy exuding from our thinking and minds the instant the grievances start.  

We just need to forgive the ego.  We just need to give the ego permission to stop being a problem.  

That pressured insistence is the essential quality of the ego- for sure, so give it freedom to be still and it will, if we allow it to be so.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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