ACIM Lesson 74

Lesson 74: “There is no will but God’s.”

This lesson says, “These conflict thoughts are meaningless.” 

When we judge something, we make it real.

We make ourselves suffer over it when we make it real.  This is why judgement is always exactly not what we want to do when we go through our days.  We want to be neutral.

When we are neutral, then we can instead ask the Holy Spirit exactly what something is actually for or what it means. 

Then, we can refrain from being in grievance with what we see and be at war. 

Our judgement instantly puts us into a stance of attacking.

This attacking always blocks the flow to God’s Love and Presence.

The Course reminds us that we can be in a neutral state when we assess situations by simply allowing everything to be meaningless. 

That willingness to see something as meaningless means we are not giving the ego the right to declare what it is we are seeing.  The idea of keeping what we see meaningless allows us to not be in battle with it.

We purposely remove ourselves from being the judge, jury, and executioner.

The ego loves to make grievances real in simply giving what we see meaning.

God instead, has actually no problem with the world.  Thus, when we allow the Holy Spirit to interpret, then we end up being able to eat, sleep, and breathe acceptance and peace.

We allow God’s version be the one we stand up for, and from an empowered mind we choose peace and a tranquil mind.

The important thing is to let God show us the meaning of things.

When we get into the ego’s mentality of trying to make anything a certain way, then we are automatically limiting whatever we see.

We are asked to simply get out of the way. 

God is more than happy to lead. 

We just need to give God the space in our minds, and be willing to give God the go ahead. 

Letting God be the author of our days is the only important thing we need to do.

This is such a big deal.  The ego is like a little reluctant child- who is as stubborn as a mule- and not willing to negotiate any apparent intruder like God.

This is why we need to practice our patience with the ego. 

At times, this is a very long process.

We just have to forgive this about ourselves. 

We will find ourselves getting frustrated or short with the process.

Just take a deep breath and be so gentle with the ego, as the ego is a little, resistant child. 

However, the ego needs a firmness that is resolute. 

We must be absolutely clear- with no fluctuating- that the ego is our friend, but we are willing to settle at nothing less than total peace of mind and, therefore, the ego must be quiet and still. 

Be full of power because God is our ally and primary supporter in the process. 

This is our right and privilege, to be outstanding and forthright in negotiating with the ego.


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