ACIM Lesson 273

Lesson 273: “What is the Christ?”  “The stillness of the peace of God is mine.”

This lesson says, “If we give way to a disturbance, let us learn how to dismiss it and return to peace.”

When we feel God’s certainty, then, we have confidence and we are grounded when we need to stay centered in times of distress. 

Our certainty must be the foundation of our personal energy and the nature of our mental system. 

The certainty allows us to operate with that inner sureness that everything is going to be alright and therefore, we can feel totally safe. 

The certainty allows us to remember how lovable we are, and therefore, we feel good no matter what happens.

Thus, our certainty affords us the chance to remember to bring the miracle and heal with love because we are rooted in God’s energy- which is Love.

Our aim is to remember our certainty and rise above the battleground so that we don’t get swayed and disturbed when the ruffles of distressful energy and intention come our way because this allows us to remain strong. 

This certainty allows us to stay feeling empowered wherever we find ourselves.

Disturbances happen because life is full of them and this is something we cannot change at least completely. 

The Course reminds us that we may find ourselves disturbed in the face of upset, but this is not to be of concern or worry.  

We are learning to let this go and forgive ourselves. 

Forgiveness can feel like an impossible feat and we can let this be as it is.

Don’t judge that we need to forgive.  An old ego habit and push is to get us distressed about needing to forgive ourselves.

Then, we feel guilty about having to forgive ourselves.

Then, this is exactly why the attack cycle continues, because we are upset about having to forgive ourselves and we feel that this is somehow shameful.

The Course reminds us to very gently give ourselves a break.  

Forgiveness is a huge learning undertaking.  It can take a very long time to get into a smooth flow of forgiving ourselves especially.

Just surrender all of this judgment we have about needing to forgive directly to God. 

Remember that our forgiveness practice allows us to get bigger and hold more love.

When we have been in the attack cycle and not able to forgive ourselves, we are in a position of holding ourselves hostage. 

We may have no idea how to give this to God, but just sit and talk to God until we have a better understanding of how to forgive and how to not latch onto the attack energy about ourselves in the process. 

This releasing of the attachment to pain is the main thing that helps remember how to get to God quickly.


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