Lesson 359 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, December 25, 2015

Lesson 359: “What am I?”  “God’s answer is some form of peace.  All pain is healed; all misery replaced with joy.  All prison doors are opened.  And all sin is understood as merely a mistake.”

We are learning to know that God is consistently answering us with what is going to always bring us peace and a lack of strife.  The world is a place where the unrest is constant.  There seem to be regular instances there of misfortune and doubt and fear.  This is the net content of the world over and over.  We continue to run into this.  The world is a likely story of what seems like our woe.
The Course teaches us that instead of perpetuating this suffering we find in the world, God is giving us the keys to our emotional liberation.  We can absolutely get out of those ego chains in which we believe.  What we need to do is realize that God gives us instead the keys to the kingdom.  God gives us miracles so we can meet each situation that is a call for Love as a place to shower Love instead of reaffirming the insanity we find there.  We get miracles that are always the way to shift our experience of whatever we see.  We could be seemingly in the worst of relationships or circumstances, but instead of experiencing fear there and a high level of distress, we simply need to bring the miracle.  The miracle is our shift in consciousness.  This is the direct route out of our stress and sense of lack.

God brings Love always to the world’s drama and sadness.  This Love is the basis of our miracle.  Love is the essential ingredient in forgiveness.  Love is the backbone for what we need to live fully and live with a light heart in this world.  Love is God’s essence. Love is the way we counter any idea of lack or loss or darkness.  Love is the way God heals the multitudes and heals me and heals the planet.   Peace is another form of Love.  These slightly specific forms of Love- like peace and forgiveness and all the other words we use to describe Love- help us to communicate and clarify how we can use Love for our total healing.  This of course is God’s Love, the only true source of Love we have ever known.


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