Lesson 352 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, December 18, 2015

Lesson 352: ‘What am I?”  “Judgment and Love are opposites.  From one come all sorrows of the world.  But from the other comes the peace of God Himself.”

The Course uses contrast just to teach.  It helps us to understand both what is Love and also then what is judgement or lack of love.  By knowing what they are we can get better at identifying within our own minds which is which.  In the end we want to know the difference so we can dedicate our lives to living in and extending Love.  The Course says that anything that is not Love is necessarily fear or judgment.  We want to really sit with our feelings, check them out and spend some time getting acquainted with the nuances of our emotional responses to what we see.  Often Love gets twisted in slight ways and then we may end up using some state of mind that is not in fact purely Love.

We can make the Love some only partial Love energy.  We have to notice and take time to truly be present with what we feel.  We need to get to know what our tendency is in the world and how we are not extending purely Love when it is tainted with some piece of judgement.  Judgement gets just barely included sometimes, but the important thing is that it is there.  We need to get practiced at seeing when we do this.  Our ego disguises this judgement as just part of the package so often we don’t even keep it on our radar.  We let it pass without even a slight awareness.

What we need to do is forgive when our hearts are mixed with judgement when we are simply trying to be completely present and extending love alone.  We have to understand that we are not doing this on purpose.  What we need to do is let this go.  Let it be one of those errors in our minds that mean nothing so there is no need for us to feel guilty about them.

What we need to do is just know that we are the part of the equation- we are ready to get up and give it the space in our minds to be resolved.  God says that our judgement is when we simply forgotten who we are.  When we forget that we are the children of God then we end up getting carried away with our judgement as it seems like just part of life.  What we need to do is see that this is our biggest and only mistake.  What we need to do is stay focused on our light minds that are filled with peace when we set aside our judgement.

This lesson says, “Yet love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me you have given me to find Your peace again.”  God is absolutely committed to our happiness.  He is ever available for making the way clear in our minds.  We can sit in the certainty that salvation is currently and always the way to ensure our own peace of mind.  God is committed to our peace of mind.  God has given us forgiveness which is the perfect way to remember that peace has never left our minds.  Forgiveness is the doorway of our minds that opens to the flow of God’s Love when we simply have the humility to sit with the knowing that we too have made gestures of fault in the world’s eyes.  Also, when we sit in our grandeur we know that we are completely loved and lovable because we are the direct descendent of God.  Other people are all equally lovable.  This is why forgiveness given to all others is easy when we simply remember that others are flawless in God’s eyes.


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