Lesson 351 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lesson 351: “What am I?”  “My sinless brother is my guide to peace.  My sinful brother is my guide to pain.  And which I choose to see I will behold.”

The Course teaches us that we go to God two by two, that our brothers and sisters are absolutely going with us.  Our salvation depends on the two of us or the many to go together in a group or as couples.  We learn that everyone is equally worthy therefore it is imperative that we don’t judge our brothers and sisters and in our minds secretly or overly decide they won’t make the cut when we are in line to get to Heaven.  They can and will come with us in tow if we simply set down our judgment of them.

When we judge our brothers and sisters we feel like they are with some flaw that makes them not as worthy of salvation as we are.  This is why we absolutely must let go of any tendency for us to judge them.  When we judge we have out our attack thoughts and we are directing them at those people.  Any attack thought has the end result of making us block the flow of God’s Love as we allow his attack energy to get escalated and put up a barrier to our most cherished product of the Love of God.  When we stop connecting to God’s Love then we forget that salvation is always meant to be ours as it is for everyone.

This is why it is essential that we hold the other people as in fact sinless.  When we remember that those others are sinless we hold them with the most esteemed view where we cherish them and invite them to come with us into the mind of God.  When we see that people are sinless we take away every last criticism that we may have of them.  When we accept they are sinless then we have the correct view of them because this is God’s view.  When we mirror God’s view of them then we don’t cringe and rebel against the idea of being joined with them in purpose.  When our energies are not similar it is difficult to join with each other.  This is why we need to accept that their worthiness is inherent with them and could never be otherwise as this is the dictate of God who is always correct.

When we forget that our brothers and sisters are sinless, we end up feeling angry and resentful about them as we have already declared them as doing some harm to us or the world.  When we feel this way about them, pain is the direct result.  When we feel emotionally charged about them this always leads us to stress and dismay.  This is always our path to what feels like hell when we are letting other people’s worldly stance in some way affect us negatively.  This is a life of pain for sure.

When we have a huge emotional backlog to deal with because the people we are associating with are acting out in ways that contribute to the heightening of our trigger points then we end up just making our own emotional life one of suffering instead of peace.  This always relies on whether we remember to see what God says is truth, that everyone is equally sinless.  Therefore, we are meant to practice the constant willingness to treat our brothers and sisters as totally lovable.  When we simply remember this internally our energy changes also.  When our hearts are at peace because we aren’t running anyone else down with our runaway judging then we live in the peace of God.


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