Lesson 350 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lesson 350: “What is a Miracle?”  “Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.  To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world.”

We are reminded in this lesson that miracles are exactly the same as the extension of God’s Love.  A mirror is a perfect reflection.  That clearly defines what our miracles are.  They are a perfect replica of God.  In truth, they are in fact God.  There is no distance between God’s Love and miracles.  They completely coincide in their essence.  We just have to know that God has a plan for our Love that we share with God and how to use it in the world.  The Course says that God will always guide us in where to bring the miracle.  Our task is always to remain miracle ready.

We must bring our minds into constant awareness of the miracle and constantly carrying it with us.  We must know that we are powerful beings to be entrusted to bring forth miracles.  We are so loved by God and cherished as His creations that God sensibly gives us the important job to bring miracles with us into what seems like the trenches of the world.   Our egos may be silently cursing about the fact that we are called into every situation in the world to bring a miracle.  The ego regularly gets frustrated and resentful that we are supposed to come to bless the world with a miracle on cue from God.  The ego is simply at the old task of complaining.

The truth is and we are so excited about bringing Love to situations that are a call for Love.  We can remember how truly fortunate we are that we are doing so well because God loves us as we are and makes sure we have all we need to be truly peaceful and happy in our lives.  We can let go of that old familiar anguish of the ego about whatever the ego is busy judging.  It is all a big error.

We have the greatest opportunity to bring the miracles to save the world because God says that we are given the extraordinary gift of Love and a light heart when we allow ourselves to be the bringers of miracles.  When we show up to a place that we deem a call for Love it is simply in a temporary lack of Love in one of the situations there.  We learn in the Course that our blessed and sacred role in this life is to show up and bring miracles.  It doesn’t matter what the situation looks like.  It could frighten us when we look at it, we may feel reluctant to engage ourselves because it appears to us to be a scene where the people there seem off and stressed.

What we must do is simply be willing to play our part as the person who is temporarily more sane in the moment (though this may change at another time) and be the one to show up with the miracle in our minds and hearts.  We bring our miracle energy.  Even if we don’t know exactly what to do, trust that God will show us what behavior to enact.  When we bring the miracle we remember that there is nothing to judge, there is no one with error.  All people are lovable and loved and all are right and all are worthy of respect and gentleness.  This attitude and energy that we bring into a call for Love will help us to have the appropriate energy to bring the miracle and our own grateful heart about being there.

The world absolutely can be saved.  Our bringing miracles is exactly the way this is done.  We can also be an essential part of this process when we simply check in with our own minds about how willing we are to bring the miracles.  We absolutely have a guide book here about how to live in the miracle.  We must remain rooted in the principles of Love and forgiveness which are the backbone of the miracle.  And we can prepare our lives to be available for our own avid participation in making the miracle come to life in the world’s rough patches- spots lacking love.


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