Lesson 349 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lesson 349: “What is a Miracle?”  “Today I look upon all things for me and judge them not, but give each one a miracle of Love instead.”

Each day is a fresh new start.  Each moment is completely whole unto its own.  We can simply stay present and know that every moment is exactly as it is meant to be.  God Wills for us to have the most perfect life experience.  All we need to do is to show up with eyes that have never seen before.  We must hold in our minds that our eyes have no past that they rely on for information.  Therefore, when we look on the world and all of our lives it is all from eyes that have no judgement.  With zero past to define it then we have no method to make the madness of judging because it is all from a new mind that has no opinions.

The Course goes to great lengths to demonstrate to us how this possibility of no judgment can even come forth.  When our egos rule, we often forget that this kind of life with no judgement can be even the slimmest possibility.  We are learning to watch our minds at each moment.  We watch and notice when insanity ensues.  When we suddenly become judging machines we stop and put our thinking on a period of halt.  We just need to see that as this happens, forgive it but also be vigilant about giving these thoughts to God’s altar to ask God to please teach us to undo this obsession with our ego’s inner critic.  We sometimes can be at a loss about how to in fact release this behavior that stumps us and saddens us.  We may feel quite distressed about having this critic be so verbal in our minds.
Just know that it can totally be undone.  All we have to do is ask God for our healing.  Then sometimes it can help to do things like when we notice a judging thought, when we see it- then consciously remind ourselves all about the Course’s teaching about judgment and that we can stop this.  When we are judging it is because our ego says the ego has a valid opinion.  Just remind ourselves that God says that everything He plans for our life’s events is in fact perfect to fulfill God’s plan.

This can sometimes help the judgment when we realize that we are not qualified to assess whether something should have judgment about it because God is actively involved in the Creation of our lives and He is the one who makes the picture of our lives for the very best.  Therefore, there is never a reason to lose sight of this inappropriate need our ego’s need to judge.  It is inappropriate because God says all is well as it is.  God knows what is best because God is God.

In the Course, God gives us this practical solution to our judgement that is stupendous and it always works when we put our full willingness into making our own shift in consciousness.  When we judge we decide to get out of the flow of God’s Love.  Our judgement is an attack  thought, a grievance and it puts up a block to Loves’s presence.  This is the tragedy of not tending to the undoing of our judgement; we end up losing the connection in our mind with God.   The attack thoughts always impede the natural extension and movement of God’s Love.  We are asked to realize that judgements are nothing but grievances in their usual form.  When we hold a grievance we think something is wrong.  This is always leading us down a road of distress because we think it’s real.  The amazing gift God gives us is to simply allow our minds to be full of miracle minded energy.  When we allow a miracle to bring in the Love of God then any belief in the validity of our grievances gets entirely resolved.


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