ACIM Lesson 67

Lesson 67: “”Love created me like Itself.”

This lesson says, “We are trying to undo your definition of God and replace it with His own.”

We all get completely convinced that God is going to scold us, and we will get a savage seeming treatment from God according to the world. 

Can you even sit for a moment and look at how the world defines God?  

Religions and lots of sects of Christianity assume that hell is real and that God believes we are sinners because God is always out for the kill. 

We learn, even before we can crawl, that God wants to penalize us, because religions say that God is always in a position of wanting to take us down a peg, and remind us how terrible we are.

The nightmare is real when we understand that God is our number one enemy, and what do we do when we think God is out to punish us?  

If God is perfect and wants to punish us, I bet we would end up in a seriously bad situation because He would do it completely. That would suck. 

We have understood this definition of God for ages, and it is seriously ingrained in our belief systems. 

The world is fraught with the idea of God’s cruelty, as a daily influence- second by second- and we ingest this because it is there.

We want to get out of the nightmare because it sucks to be there, infinitely so!

But we can’t find our way out because it seems impossible to do when God hates us. 

The Course reminds us that this view we have of God is absolutely an illusion. 

We need to stop and see it, and then listen to the great news that God actually loves us infinitely.

God is always looking out for us and providing us with our very best interests. 

This can feel shocking because it is so contrary to what most religions say about God.  

That can seem quite bizarre to take in. 

But just sit with ourselves kindly, and see that it does actually make incredibly great sense, when we listen to the Course, and then learn accurately the true nature of God. 

We just need to realize it feels funny to know God deems us sinless all the time. 

But still sit with this- as long as we need to- before we can accept it. 

When we accept in the end, that God deems us entirely lovable, and not at all sinful, then everything in our existence takes a leap into Heaven. 

We realize we are there now anyway, since this is God’s wish for us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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