Laurie’s Positive Points: Do things in Cooperation

Laurie’s Positive Points: Do things in cooperation.

As humans, we have the remarkable capacity to do things. We live whole lives and enjoy our minds, bodies, and souls.

Life can be full of adventure!! We can travel and see the world and have this incredible capacity to enjoy when we do.

We can move from one culture to another or a different climate, and we can keep exploring what life has to offer so that we get more clear within our minds, bodies, and souls where is the optimal place to live or how often to travel.

Life can be full of exploration so that we can discover the ideal thing to do as a career or what kind of person to have as a partner. We get to participate in our lives so that we find superior resolutions to these questions about how to live life.

Being open to exploration is such a gift that exploration while we live is not only acceptable, it is preferred.

Remember to approach our lives series of exploration ones where we bring someone or more than one person. While we explore life and who we are, it helps to share our journeys with someone else or more than one person.

It makes such a difference to be willing to do our lives with our partners or close friends. Remember that close friends and partners are unique tools to have with us through life.

Remember how much smoother our lives are when we have a person or some people to witness our journey, which makes the journey richer. But also having other close people allows us to have more help on our travels.

Be sure to remember how grateful we can be when our friends and family help up. And also be willing to participate in helping other people. Let us know how much kindness we give to the world when we offer help and assistance to someone or multiple people.

People generally say thank you for those kinds of gestures, but even beyond hearing the people’s thank you, you hear from the one you help; giving to someone else makes our energy brighter and more prominent because we made the gesture of helping.

And when we help someone else, we feel bigger and stronger because we stepped up when someone else needed help, so our energy gets full of Love. We also feel so good when we give when someone is in great need.

Even though it is tons of work, it is beautiful to have stepped up when someone else is in need. And when we all help out, like when doing something like helping someone move their home, this is a fun thing to do together.  

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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