Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 64: “Let me not forget my function.”   

This lesson says, “Let me not try to substitute mine for God’s.”  In the world we find ourselves in this crazy mess; we as egos in some ways end up getting resentful about God wanting us to do things His way.  Our egos kick and scream giving the impression of being in the gravest of futile dilemmas.  We try so hard not to give into God and follow God’s plan because the ego- strains to yell loud enough- what a raw deal we are getting in this terrible predicament we find ourselves in.  We make a big objection about it and whine at length.

The Course teaches us that God’s plan is our absolute dream- the happy dream.  It is the best we could ever hope for.  Fussing about this is insane for sure.  The Course explains how wrong we are about God.  God is the most ideal and appropriate and healthy parent we could ever ask for.  We don’t at all suffer in the instance that we find ourselves living out God’s plan.  This is the happiest reality ever.  We don’t have to have a problem about God giving us His reality.  This is a circumstance of true blessing.

This is the greatest privilege to sit in and participate in the plan of God, with a whole, happy and healed heart as demonstrated as the willingness to be there.

What happens is simply that our ego believes this insane notion, through and through.  The ego just pretends that we are asked to accept the worst fate when we are invited to join with God.  God is offering us peace and real joy.

±There is no down side. 

This means that we simply need to understand that its never a terrible reality to join with God and let God be our function.  This is the best thing that could ever happen to us.

We are just given the chance here to understand how insane our egos can be in rejecting God and God’s function for us.  We just have to accept that the ego gets so afraid of anything else but its own voice of grandiosity.  It can’t stand to get replaced with God.  Just know the ego is taking every desperate measure to simply keep us from superseding control of the ego’s agenda.  The ego gets afraid and lashes out so we will be so shocked from the blow we won’t just stop and listen to God.

God’s function is a way for us to just sit up straight in our chair because we feel like there is a incredile burden released from our backs.  All we have to do is simply take whatever means will be necessary and helpful to give this different function of God’s time to be assimilated as our

new favorite thing.  

We just have to spend enough time with God and God’s function until just hanging out there- it dawns on us that this is the best option for us to choose.  We just need to give ourselves the mental space to grow into loving it.  When we love God’s function, this is the way to finally set our egos to rest.  When the ego sees how powerfully joyous we are about sharing God’s function, the ego simply stops pushing with such might to overpower God.  We need to be enthusiastic and available for that extraordinary love that we feel when we give our minds to God.  When it becomes natural for us to choose God, then we are surely in the best scenario possible to just let the ego do whatever it wants in our minds, but then, it all is at a whisper and barely perceptible.  It simply gives us space to share our minds with God when our love in the joining is the center point of our lives.


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