ACIM Lesson 238

Lesson 238: “What is salvation?”  “On my decision all salvation rests.”

This ”What is salvation?” section says, “Salvation is the undoing in the sense that it does nothing, failing to support the world of dreams and malice.” 

The Course teaches us that our liberation occurs when we simply stop supporting the ego’s thought system.

We don’t have to attack it. 

We are not meant to wage war against the ego.  This is the way the ego likes to play in the world, making drama and problems and always taking up swords.  The ego always resorts to various forms of attack.  This attack may present itself in a whole variety of fashions, but attack is always at the root of what seems like typical worldly resolution tactics.

The Course via Jesus teaches the exact opposite approach of how we ideally want to live when we are willing to do it with God.

We are learning to give away this insane choice of always asserting attack when we are questioning how to do something. 

This is not what we want to do if we are looking for peace either now or in the future.  It turns out that attack never works, no matter how we disguise it.  It simply carries on with the cycle of attack.  Then we get stuck repeating our wretched role in the dynamic.   This will inevitably lead us to prolonged ups and downs instead of a peaceful way.

We may actually want to say something in response to what occurred that we deemed an attack. 

We can always check in with our guide, the Holy Spirit, and inquire about whether it is appropriate and helpful for us to verbally communicate our response.

If we feel guided by the Holy Spirit to speak directly then this is the best thing to do for sure.

We want to make sure we feel the love and connection with the other person within us before and during our direct response. 

That feeling of being in love with the other always needs to be strong and present no matter what we say.  However, we must make sure we say enough to articulate our feelings.  We want to be authentic and share how we are affected.

However, we don’t want to bring unprocessed anger, this attack.

It helps if we feel what we want to feel first, and sit with it with the Holy Spirit if it was a large trigger and then allow this to be processed in a healthy way. 

We feel it and let it go because we want to be as neutral as possible when we share our feelings with the person who affected us.

Then it is likely that we will be able to share our feelings without a heavier blow of anger.  When we give our feelings to God first, sometimes they become less intense because God processes them even early on.

Then sharing our feelings in a more neutral way is possible because we are not as enmeshed in the emotional intensity of unprocessed feelings between two people when not seeing eye to eye.

We want to really catch our attack thoughts.

The Course is absolutely amazing as it takes the approach of not attacking the ego even though the ego is always attacking everything to the most serious degree  The Course reminds us that simply refusing to be part of attack is what brings us truly power and joy.

We just need to make the clear effort to not engage in attack to change the attack we see.    This means that we get to offer instead a very gentle and loving response.

When we see insanity in the world, we simply step back and stop feeding this energy through our awareness and our intention. 

We just stay clear and quiet within since we want the end of this attack energy.  Then it ceases to be.  This is the way to be powerful in changing what happens in the world.

When we make sure to not create more attack then salvation is imminent, because then our minds become light and certain since there is nothing to interfere with the inherent presence of God’s certainty within each of us. 


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