ACIM Lesson 239

Lesson 239: “What is salvation?”  “The glory of my Father is my own.”

This lesson says, “Let not the truth about ourselves today by hidden by a false humility.” 

The ego’s world is riddled with false humility.

The ego tells us we are meant to be polite to others, and thus let them be the good guys.

The ego always lives on scarcity so it never occurs to our insane ego that everyone can equally be the good guy. 

Therefore, we do this worldly dance where we let everyone in front of us and give other people all the best parts because we put ourselves last.  The problem is when the ego makes us believe that this is actually because we are not as good as other people and so in some way feel like we need to apologize for ourselves all the time.  We must take the last place because as the lowest on the totem pole, in the ego’s perspective; this is all we are entitled.

This is always unpleasant because we feel so low emotionally that we are not happy because we feel unworthy.  

This is the ego’s form of humility.

The ego always feels this intense sense of lack and thus, it never has any full and healthy sense of self esteem. 

The Course teaches us that this sense of false humility is in fact not needed among other people because all people are equal in God’s eyes and therefore are equal amongst each other in relationships on the earth.

That mean that everyone gets to be the good guy because everyone is equally cherished and valued by God.  We are wrong when we listen to the ego and let the ego equate that sense of humility with having less.  This is an error because in God’s world there is never lack in any arena of life.  Our self worth is full in God’s eyes and so is everyone else’s.

We have enough when we interact in the world because the world of God is in plenty.

If we decide to let others be first in line some of the time or all of the time, this is something we can decide case by case after seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit about what is individually the best way for us to be helpful to all others.

We must also be good to ourselves when we relate in the world.  However, what is ever so important is to realize that everyone is equally loved and therefore, equally deserving of all the first spots and best spots.

We must include ourselves when that serves the need of the higher good.

And also we must remember that even when we put other people first, that we are no less worthy. 

Even without having the top spot in a certain instance, we learn that it helps to get the scoop from the Holy Spirit about what is the best way to show up and participate in our own unique role in God’s plan.

Thus, we ask God for guidance about how to interact with others in a way that respects all including ourselves and has a balance for making time for everyone to have the best spot. 

But regardless of our physical circumstance in the moment, just appreciate that the only thing that matters is that we never lose sight of the fact that everyone is worthy of the greatest position.  It is our energy and intention that matters most.  And we want to clearly remember that God loves everyone equally and therefore, there is never an instance where we can allow ourselves to lose sight that this is true.

We must remember this false humility is just the ego’s confusion and attempt to navigate the world with blocked sight. 

It is an error because God gives us our certainty always.  It is meant to be what we feel and resonate with when we make decisions about who gets in line first.

We remember that our job is to stay focused on this certainty because it gives us the appropriate humility. 

When we are certain, we know that God loves us entirely and wholly.

We remember we are innocent completely and we have the balanced outlook- we remember all others are given the same certainty. 

Therefore we can interact with people from this knowing that all are worthy of God and our love, and the best of the best.


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