Lesson 144 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lesson 144: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” “There is no love but God’s.” “The world I see holds nothing that I want.”

Let’s remember that there is no love but God’s.  Often we divide up the kind of love we have for people.  Our intimate partners get one kind of love, our kids get another love, our friends all unique love, our community members all have their own.  Jesus teaches us that we want our love for people to all be the same.  We express and give and receive God’s love.   We can realize that the energy of this ideal love is appropriate and entirely suitable to give to every person with whom we relate.

Sometimes we think that our soulmate or lover would surely have a different kind of love than our children.  Jesus wants us to know that the energy of the love  is God’s love and that is what we want to give to everyone.  God’s love is the perfect prescription of love because God created it for us in the most ideal way.  God wants us to give everyone the most precious love that we can give, even the mailman.

We want to stay away too from anyone who might mistakenly seem to elicit from us “special” love.  Sometimes when love is the ego’s making we consider it special love.  This is when we start to add to the love feelings of “this person is better than other people so deserves a better love.”  The ego thinks special love is better but it is not because it is not the holy quality of God’s love.  We are asked to watch that love is always of the Godly creation.  And we must realize that everyone deserves equally God’s love.

God’s love encompasses everything.  The Course says the world doesn’t exist because it is a fabrication of our insanity.  We forgot we were God’s so the world got created as a reflection of our thinking.  It gives us a way to get back to God because it does provide us with a very accurate reflection of what we are thinking.  The Course teaches us that we are entrusted with only one task and that is remembering the truth that we never left the presence of God and made our mistake.  The Course says we can see that the world isn’t real if we just understand that only God exists.  Also, God is pure holy energy that is the root of all powerful creation.  God didn’t make the world because God doesn’t need form to express Himself.  He is happy to do it as the energy of Love and creative force.  God is not a user of form because He doesn’t need it.

However, we are asked to just hold in our minds that even though God did not make the form of the world, He is able and happy to use form to reach us with instituting this important single task we are here to accomplish.  God can use the world because the world is simply a different kind of energy.  And God can do anything He wants because He is infinitely capable as the most powerful force.  God can use the world’s events to get us to wake up.  This waking up, and enlightening ourselves beyond human consciousness is our only goal in the world.  God simply cares for us so deeply, He just wants us to not waste another moment believing in our separation from God so that’s why God comes to the world for His single purpose.  God wants us to return home to heaven’s gates.


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