Lesson 128 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, May 8, 2015

Lesson 128: “The world holds nothing that I want.”

We are taught in the Course to understand that the world is in no way the way for us to have true joy and everlasting peace.  The world is a quick sell, it flashes us with bright lights so we are blinded to the true meaning of what is underneath.  The world actually holds nothing of true value.  We simply get mesmerized by the glimmer of the lights and we start to get entranced into believing the  world is our source of Joy.  The world never has anything that will give us peace.  We have to realize the world is just an illusion we like to continue.  It contains no real substance.  The only true substance is the Love of God.  Aside from that nothing exists.  The world is a false perception that something other than God exists.

We just need to realize this fact that nothing in the world appeases our desires.  Our egos always feel needy and reach out to the world to try something on that will fit our size.  But we always end up disappointed and miserable because we never find there our true sense of purpose.  The world is a false vision so we simply need to stop looking there for solace.  When we simply see this, then we can stop placing our hope there that peace will be in the world.

Things in the world sometimes bring momentary happiness or excitement.  Our reaction to things can sometimes mislead us to believing this feeling of joy will be permanent.  Once we see the world in its true colors then we can simply stop being frustrated over why our response to the thing’s existence does not bring us lasting peace.  Once we see this, we can let go of our attachment to the world.
When we are looking to the world to fill that sense of neediness inside, then we will always be disappointed because we are attached to trying to make an outcome that will feed this neediness once and for all.  This is why we must simply realize the world is filled with constant disappointments, so our job is to forgive this and let it be acceptable.

Further, we can approach the world from the stance that having released our attachment from our forgiving the outcome, then we can show up with a liberated heart and love fully what we see in the world.  When we are no longer imprisoned by the world’s idols then we can simply replace that unneeded perception of the world, and live instead in the constant shower of love onto what we see.


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