ACIM Lesson 286

Lesson 286: “What is the Holy Spirit?”  “The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.”  

This sentence is so beautiful to listen to when we quiet our minds and hear the actual words that we say.  

The words ring with a melody that sings to our hearts.  This enlivens us and wakes us up.  The Course has a cadence that is melodic and entrancing so we stop and listen when we hear it.  Jesus- in transmitting words to Helen to scribe- was always in a holy, perfect and totally aligned state.  This is why the Course ended up being written in such an appealing way to us because Jesus wants to reach us.

When It is so beautiful it makes us want to stop and listen to it.

The Course is written in a way that makes us all pay attention to the message.  It calls to us on many different levels.  The Course works in a variety of ways; it gets us to be so enthusiastic about it.

It is so beautiful, it makes us be willing to devote our time and energy absorbing the truths within it.  The Course works magic when we allow ourselves to read and be present with what we hear.

We see that the Course is written so well and the truth is so apparent within it that it draws us on every level. 

It works well when we just give it time to see how we fit with the Course’s message.

We are asked to remember our curiosity and enthusiasm about the Course. 

Anything we adopt as habit certainly has the potential to become boring and tedious.

When this happens, we forget about that spark that is comprised of light.

When we become complacent in our discipline, the problem is that we miss out on how much fun the Course can be. 

Sometimes when we are trying new things or maintaining previous routines, we end up not remembering that it can be light.

When we implement our tasks, the process of repeating our learning aims can feel heartbreaking.

We can struggle so much it hurts.  We must remember to forgive ourselves for this because it is simply part of our typical human tendency.

However, we can also remind ourselves to continue to do everything we are learning in the Course with enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm makes everything fun.

It is easy to be grateful for what we are doing when we add lightness via enthusiasm. 

This is why then we become light.

Our experience of doing the Course totally changes when we approach doing it with a beam of light in the form of enthusiasm.  This lights up our minds and hearts.

When we feel like we can’t wait to wake up in the morning because we get to get up and do the Course and get up and talk to God, then we become centered in love from our first very breath. 

This is the only purpose in living when we are quite happy and excited about sharing our day with God.  Everything becomes a gift because all of our activities are filled with God’s most pure and holy Love that illuminates all we do.

The way to be happy all the time is when we bring love with us always.


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