1-13-15 Lesson 13 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lesson 13: “A meaningless world engenders fear.”

It helps tremendously when we see the reality of what the ego does.  The ego gets upset when it can’t make sense of things.  This inevitably causes us suffering.  When the ego can’t give everything an accurate definition, the ego starts to have tantrums and resists and complains.  The ego wants to feel like it has control.  Therefore, when the ego realizes what it sees is senseless, the ego makes every attempt to stay blocked off from this awareness.

The ego’s common tactic is causing us to feel numb. Thus, it prevents us from being in touch with our feelings and then processing them adequately and with God.  The ego gets completely bent out of shape at the idea that the world has no meaning.  The ego wriggles in distress because it can’t force its grip on a reality- it can’t understand it and make it real.

The ego likes to suffer.  The ego has a tendency to feel feelings in a way that is actually a form of being blocked.  Then we just repeat the struggle and the story over and over because this is the way the ego likes to live.  It likes to be a victim and it can claim real victimhood if it is struggling.  But what we are asked to do instead is put away this block to feeling our feelings.

When we feel fear, allow this feeling to have a place to move through our hearts.  Let it be felt and seen and heard.  Give it the acknowledgement of attention.  Thank it for showing us fear.  Then let it go.  Allow ourselves to put fear on God’s altar.  Let the fear be completely washed away as it has no purpose after we give it authentic time.  Give it back to God’s purpose.  When we allow ourselves to feel and be with fear authentically, then the ego doesn’t have to struggle either.  The ego can just relax because it no longer has a need to block the feelings of fear.


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