ACIM Lesson 48

Lesson 48: “There is nothing to fear.”

The Course says that the only two emotions there are- are fear and love. 

This means anything that is not love is in the category of fear. 

That means all those little background emotions we have that we think are mildly distressing are some form of fear.  That means that when we judge these kinds of things, it is simply a manifestation of our fear.

When we feel anxious because we judge the situation and decide it should be another way than it is, this is simply fear that we can see.  

It turns out that our fear runs rampant in our minds when we forget love because the ego tends to make fear part of our whole mentality.  When we feel anxious, this means we are letting fear get the better of us.  We are simply learning to identify when we are overcome with fear.

The instant our hearts forget love, we are already into a fear mentality. 

We are asked to realize how often this happens.

It is ridiculous how prevalent fear is in our minds.

This is because we are complicated humans and we very commonly have a feeling of fear within that seems to be an overriding feeling that never gets resolved and never ends. 

Our fear happens every time we make something a problem and decide we know better than God how things should be.

Let this lesson be our mantra.

We are learning to use the Course all the time so we can get to a point of changing our feelings and thoughts and energy. 

We are invited to use every lesson to get us to that desired place that is where we remember we were always joined with God.  We use every lesson to get to God because if we simply understand one lesson, this is all it takes to totally shift our entire reality.

This is the way to our salvation, when we simply get fully invested in even one idea the Course presents.  

This is why using today’s lesson, as that cherished mantra, is perfect for our learning.

Think of how many times a day we think or feel something that isn’t love? 

The ego’s attachment to insanity and pain is consistent and regular. 

We feel it all the time.  We are simply reminded that all we need to do is simply say or repeat this lesson that there is nothing to fear and then sit and feel it.

The more we allow ourselves to experience this kind of freedom from fear from whatever mental assertion, the more we will be transformed into a truly peaceful and happy state.


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