ACIM Lesson 177

Lesson 177: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.”  “There is no death.  The Son of God is free.”  “Now we are one with Him Who is our Source.”

The Course says that there is no death and that the body is an illusion as is the larger world. 

All we currently believe in and perceive is actually false.

It  has no reality because it is not considered part of God’s energy which is the only true power in the Universe. 

The world is part of our egos’ imagination and the egos project out reality from the content in our thinking.  The Course makes the point that the world is just a figment of our imagination.  The world is not real and that is why anything that happens in the world is also not real, such as death.

This is like a ton of bricks colliding with our minds.  

It sure throws into disarray how we perceive everything. 

The Course asks us to simply realize it is shocking truly, but what we can do with that is allow it to set us free.

Lots of us resist this information as bizarre and impossible because the reality in the physical world seems so material.  This is why we buck against this information and try to prevent it from any integration in our minds because it is too far fetched to be true.

The Course isn’t interested in destabilizing us, it just wants us to wake up and get the true gist of the nature of things here.  The Course says that we can use this information to set us free.  

When the destabilization in hearing this has also settled after a bit, then we can simply realize the information allows us to get out of the ego’s stronghold in our minds.  We can insist that we want to be free to understand in the way God teaches.

We have the opportunity to understand the world in a new way, with fresh eyes. 

We are able to get out of the way because we are allowing Godly insights to dawn in our minds.  This necessarily allows us to simply get out of the old ego perspective that we know the world is a particular way and we don’t question it because it seems too evident for such an act.  We get lost when we listen to the egos’ talk that we can’t change the way we do things.

The Course allows us to get death out into the open.  Suddenly we realize that we have been very blocked off in maintaining the egos’ viewpoint.

The Course teaches us that we can get bigger when we do things like recognize that death is part of what needs to be rewritten in our minds. 

Death is nothing to scare us the Course teaches because it is part of what doesn’t exist.  We can be comforted about realizing death is not real in that we can remodel our relationship in understanding death.

We can learn to see it as part of life that naturally occurs in the cycle of life and so we become more forgiving about the way we view and get frightened over death.

We want to embrace death in the world instead of run away from it in fear because when we embrace it we learn to make friends with it.  

Then embracing death helps us make the happy dream in the world.  We can appreciate that making peace with death is the only way to live in love with the fact that we all will have experienced death at some time.

We can still be light and happy about it because it is another call for celebration. 

This is the way to get out of our habit of suffering about death.  The Course teaches us to understand that we are not destined to suffer about death because Jesus teaches the body is not real.  This means all of our notions about the body need to be rewritten in a correct way.  Then we don’t suffer about death any longer.


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