ACIM Lesson 39

Lesson 39: “My holiness is my salvation.”

This lesson says, “Your holiness is the answer to every question that was ever asked.”  

The Course says our salvation is within us. 

We don’t have to go anywhere or dress up in any way to get this amazing destiny.  Salvation is always- all the time- completely within us.

We don’t have to do anything but acknowledge it and be present with the splendor of it.

The Course says that something as important as our own salvation is always within our reach because we never have to go anywhere else to get it. 

This is why we can relax and play because there is no stress in the process of finding our salvation.

Since it is already confirmed as true all the time, we never have to shed a tear over whether we make the mark of getting on God’s Good List.  This is already the case no matter what we do.

The fact that our salvation is a guarantee all the time totally frees us up to do whatever else.  

We get to enjoy our salvation and feel empowered because it is with us currently.

The fact that our salvation is already in our minds means that we can feel totally worthy and valuable because God says we are. 

That feels good as it is the truth and reminds us that we are mistaken when we think that we are in any way not good enough for such a notion that our salvation is within us.

We do this amazing dance with God- in that we get to embrace what the Course’s God is telling us about ourselves. 

Our empowerment we feel and integrate deeply as we just have to listen to the reality the Course spells out as Jesus’s messages.

This is why we can just use this one energy and answer as God’s salvation to heal everything.

When we recognize that we are God’s children and loved as God loves us then we can emulate God’s example of how we are loved by God.

Then, we can apply that example to create our own self-love as well as our love for other people. 

The Course says that we understandably feel so good when we remember our salvation and lovability is a done deal and this is why we feel empowered.

We don’t have to go anywhere or look to any other source besides our own inner version of God. 

This is why we can feel terrific and be in peace.


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