ACIM Lesson 45

Lesson 45: “God is the Mind with which I think.”

This lesson says, “Nothing that you think are your real thoughts resemble your real thoughts in any way.” 

We just need to get comfortable with our resistance. 

When the ego has resistance it is a serious block to making progress in whatever we want to accomplish.

The Course is teaching us to replace our old thought system with a new one. 

This is an enormous undertaking indeed.  Doing that alone is extraordinary but the problem that occurs with constant repetition is that our egos resist like there is no tomorrow.

The ego just obstructs our flow of progress because the ego gets frozen and unable to function further.

We just need to appreciate that this is bound to happen. 

We get up and think we are moving in our minds with a steady clip.

And then we check in with the ego and it turns out the ego is paralyzed and immovable.  We are asked to realize when we do this.

Sometimes if we have no recognition that the ego has delayed us, then we end up not being able to correct it and return again to the path. 

We are asked to realize that stalling tactics are high on the ego’s regular agenda.  We can expect it.  Notice it and see it.  This is what we need to do.

The other thing we need to do is forgive our resistance. 

When we get really enthusiastic about our path, then sometimes we think we are fine and not resisting.  But then later we realize we are stuck and going nowhere.

When we realize what we are doing, then we simply must forgive ourselves and forgive the path we are on.

We are learning to forgive and we will have every opportunity to practice our forgiveness. 

The ego will give us the longest spells of resistance and we need to do something to get back to the path.

Forgiveness works when we do it.  We just need to remember to forgive everything.  Leave nothing out.  We may not be used to this degree of forgiveness but it is needed, especially when our egos are immersed in resistance.

We may find areas of resistance that are so significant and quite dense that we have no idea how to penetrate them with God’s love and forgiveness. 

Just stay with the process until we gain a deeper understanding of how to stop at nothing to make forgiveness happen. 

It melts away the resistance when we give resistance a large dose of forgiveness.


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