ACIM Lesson 44

Lesson 44: “God is the light in which I see.”

When we try to evaluate what the world has to offer, then sometimes the task can feel confusing because we may not be clear about how things of light of God versus how things of dark in the world can coexist.

Further, when it is dark, we can’t see clearly. 

Just appreciate that the world has both light and dark in it but understand that there is only one thing that matters, that we remember God’s light is what brings us a sense of inner alignment and peace.

This lesson says, “You cannot see in darkness and you cannot make light.  You can make darkness and think you see in it…” 

We are reminded that we are stuck without God. 

If the world by nature is dark then we will not be able to see within it. 

The Course reminds us that we may even go to the extent of the ego’s making darkness because the ego likes to see itself projected out in the world.  Thus, it is frequently manifesting darkness.

But the problem is that no one can see in darkness. 

We absolutely need light to see and function, bother literally and figuratively.

This is the world of the ego in full force, wrapped in darkness to obscure our sight.

The Course reminds us that we absolutely are not capable of making light because this is God’s task. 

We need God’s Light to give us the ability to function in the world.

We are totally reliant on God’s unique energy and power and His capacity of creating His Perfected Light. 

It is His gift to us.

We are asked to allow God to be the force Who brings the light we need. 

We simply have no other choice.

This is a blessing because if we did try to bring light, we very commonly might let the ego try to bring light. 

We are humans and are not familiar with the extraordinary nature of God’s Light until we stand back and experience it and we see the difference between God and the ego’s false spark. 

When the ego tries to fill the place of God this never works in any respect.

This is why we want to not try to do it.

We are asked to sit in gratitude for God’s Light.  It is the perfect solution for any amount of darkness the ego brings.

All we have to do is remember that the ego’s illusion of darkness is not real when we make God’s Light our center because they can’t co-exist. 

This is the answer to our prayers.


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