ACIM Lesson 40

Lesson 40: “God goes with me everywhere I go.”

 This lesson says, “Reaching God is very easy, because it is the most natural thing in the world.” 

The Course invites us to have a healthy and happy relationship with God. 

We are asked to let go of any preconceived notions of God.  We surrender whatever beliefs we have had up until now.

We surrender them in that we willingly give them back to God for the greater good of our minds. 

We are asked to give with a grateful heart our old ideas back to God’s altar to be transformed into what is currently appropriate.

We are asked to accept God as He is and then build our relationship with God while our minds have God’s correct image and personality.  God wants us to have a relationship with Him that is based on the truth the Course asserts.

We are asked to remember that God loves us and is dedicated to us to the degree that then we get excited and enthusiastic about building our relationship with God. 

We love God because God is wholly loving, kind and gentle with us.

The Course asks us to have an accurate description of God.  We are asked to have no false ideas about how God is.

Then when we see clearly, connecting with God then becomes the greatest blessing we can have. 

The Course reminds us that God is absolutely our primary cheerleader.  God is certainly in our corner.

This is why we want to have God as the only Essence of our ideal life.  

When we remember that God has such high esteem for us, then choosing to make sure God goes with us all the time becomes much simpler.   We must not resist our connection with God.  Often when we have outdated opinions of God, we end up resisting His Presence and company.

Redefining God is the way that we forgive that previous version of God that needs forgiveness.

When we sit and invite God to come with us, then everything turns out perfect. 

God always ensures us that the state of inner alignment we have when we choose to sit with God through our day comes to fruition. 

When we sit with God and open our heart to including God in our days, everything becomes rather helpful.

We remember that we can be grateful in joining God.

We must appreciate that God’s Presence allows us to be open to our own inspiration. 

God’s Will is what gives us purpose and including His Will is our greatest gift to ourselves.


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