ACIM Lesson 41

Lesson 41: “I am blessed as a Son of God.”

One of the key elements of the Course is in teaching us how to live through abundance.  

When we do the world’s insanity, it is saturated with layers of scarcity.

We always hear of not enough, less than, too little.  

The world’s picture is always a scarce picture of reality.  We buy into the world’s picture because it seems typical.

 The Course says that our task is to be vigilant in choosing God’s reality.  

We make God the one and only filler for our existence.  We make God that piece of everything that we can’t live without because it is our passion.

We are asked to allow God’s version of things be our total existence.  

We make God the path that we take over and over because it is full of all the good stuff.  God has all the Love and kindness and compassion that we have always wanted.

This means we will feel good so we are more likely to enjoy ourselves.  We get all the good stuff because God wants us to.

That means that when we remember we are loved by God and that our minds are then filled with God’s Love because God wants it that way, then the tides totally turn in our direction.

We start to get in the groove of enjoying the plenty in our lives because we have God’s Love as our primary life element which supports us and feeds us on the deepest level.  

Furthermore, this also then manifests out- as all energy does- and becomes form in the world that is both elevated and abundant.

The world starts to mirror our minds and thinking when we are thinking with and aligned with God.  

Thus, we create a life that is spectacular.

We make the best of the best in our reality because it is the natural expression of God’s supreme power and utter perfection in our minds when we experience God. 

Then our lives start to look like the happiest dream out there because we are bringing the greatest reality to our lives while living God’s purpose of plenty.


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