Laurie’s Positive Points: The miracle is upon us

Laurie’s Positive Points: “The miracle is upon us.”

One of my favorite lines in the Course says, “ Miracles are natural.  When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” 

This whole idea of miracle is clarified here with the notion that the miracle is natural. 

It is something that happens spontaneously, and are expressions of God’s Energy and Purpose, because they overlook the error in the world. 

Miracles are meant to not be shocking, like they are too significant or difficult for any regular person to do. 

We want to always remember that we are equal in God’s Energy and Will as our brothers and sisters. 

No one is better than the other or more loved by God.  We are all equally endowed with God’s perfect Love and favor, and so we are all meant to be able to do miracles. 

They are not reserved for anyone higher than we are, on the worldly echelon.   We all are at the same level in truth, if we just recognize this.

We are given the instruction here that we ourselves are capable of doing miracles just exactly the same as everyone else.  

This is why miracles are natural, they are simply God’s way of sharing Love, and we can and will extend them to others if we simply remember to do this.

I love the reminder that when miracles do not occur, something has gone wrong- just to help us remember how ordinary miracles are meant to be. 

They are ordinary- because we are meant to give them regularly, and so they are just part of what we offer when we remember. 

It is so beautiful to remember that miracles are also extraordinary, meaning they are something we experience in our happiest fantasies, when we are relishing God’s good fortunes for our lifetimes.

We experience them as an expression of Love. 

But they are also completely ordinary too, in that they are meant to happen as often as possible, because miracles are what makes  us fee happy, and free, and alive. 

This is why the miracle is the fodder for our happy dream.  

We just need to remember that miracles, as extraordinary as they are- are meant to happen regularly, and all the time. 

God wants us to know that this high energetic level of experiencing and extending the miracle is meant to be absolutely common. 

We can expect them and be excited about them, while we also honor and respect that sometimes we forget to bring the miracle. 

We just accept this temporary mind fog, and then promptly let it go when we notice it. 

Our minds are God’s playground when we give them to the purpose of giving the miracle.  We get to dance with God’s Energy and Purpose when we remember to enjoy the miracles.  This is ideal.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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