Laurie’s Positive Points : Value your relationships

 Laurie’s Positive Points:

 Value your relationships:

Remember that our loved ones are there to make our existence phenomenal!

We have the privilege of having relationships and being social, which keeps us healthy.

Being loners is a challenge because we need to have help, and we need to communicate with others and ask for help or at least explain to others how we are so that we have more success while living.

Having people with whom to communicate makes everything better because we have someone to spend time with. 

Being loners means we don’t have relationships built in that we have worked on, so then sometimes in life, as we all do get to an advanced age when we are not capable of living alone because of health challenges, we need to get to a place where we have to communicate with others to meet our needs, 

We want to be good and successful at communicating our needs to whoever is available to help us and get us to get our needs met.

So we want to have successful communication and practice in general early, and now we will get better at communicating to do it successfully.

We can effectively communicate our needs. If someone tends to be a loner, they might not make or take the time to speak. We must expend effort to display as often as possible to get good at it; we are more skilled and can depend on communicating when necessary.

Remember, when communicating, we must be kind, compassionate, genuine, and appropriate. Kind and compassionate means that we are easy emotionally with them and say things that make them smile and remember that all is well.

Remember to remember not to be critical of them or the situation because this is one way we prevent ease in communicating, so show up and do our best to be helpful.

Remember never to criticize them, and then sometimes we need to remember to stay in a neutral energy and intentions toward them so we do not end up being inappropriate toward them because when we do, we do not have positive feelings in the communication process.

Be sure to show up, take the time, and extend the effort to get to a place we are excited about communicating because it is a gift.  

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski


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