Laurie’s Positive Points: Be kind and assertive in frustrating situations

Laurie’s Positive Points: Be kind and assertive in frustrating situations. 

Life is full of adventures.

We meet all kinds of challenges and fun in between, and we must remember to enjoy it all and be present and thankful for it all.

I enjoyed Forest Gump when he said, “Mama always says life is like a box of chocolates, and we get to choose what we find in life.”

When challenges come, we show up with a kind heart for ourselves, the other person, and the situation because we do not want to suffer over our upset, so we can not be frustrated about what we find.

We need to bring courage or produce it to get it with us. So when we find life’s upsets, we can respond with the courage of knowing we can resolve our rage.

If someone cuts us off in traffic or approaches the street where we are with no warming, one way to respond is to fly into a rage because it may feel like our only option if we do not practice resolving these situations previously.

But we can show up and look at the situation again when we have more space to look at it and assess it for what it is.

Remember, the other person on the road may have some other of their challenges, and this is why they are acting out on the street in which we drive, so be sure to remember to allow for some space for them to take the steps they currently carry and not be upset about it.

We have no idea what their lives are like so do not assume we do. 

Step back from the rage we feel in the situation as a response to the other’s action. Remember, the rage we feel is not practical long-term.

We want to know that when we get angry or rageful, we remember to stop and feel our feelings and then give the rage to the Holy Spirit’s altar for transformation.

Then know we have done our parts, and then God will give us an enjoyable day that we do not fill with attack energy, so all we need to do is be kind about it all.

We always want to be responsible and helpful and do the right thing to enjoy abundant life. But we need to show up consistently and be kind and responsible because this is the easiest way to get joy and a sense of peace and inner purpose.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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