Laurie’ Positive Points: The fun is now- while it all happens

Laurie’s Positive Points: The fun is now- while it all happens.

The fun is in the process of getting to the end. 

The ego has its own antagonistic voice, interrupting our flow. 

But rather, we get to enjoy the process if we allow this to be so.  

The ego likes the last step, where we get to that coveted finish line. 

The ego often rebels against all the steps in the interim. 

And that makes us miserable.  Then, the fun is only about 10% of the time. 

This reads lie a story-book nightmare, like a morbidly rotten concoction for life, if our time allotted for partying is such a slim portion.

The God-centered way is to be conscious through the whole affair, of getting to the blessed end. 

We get to experience first hand our minds, and bodies, and spirit, all the time, and with pronounced awareness throughout our experience. 

Our job is to take each second of the affair, and celebrate each blessed second.    

With this level of consciousness throughout the whole thing, we will have way more comfort and ease with enjoying it, since it becomes familiar after a while. 

We get to check in with ourselves- at each waking moment- in how we feel, and what comes up for us, in the process of doing whatever it is we are doing.  

This, then, affords us self growth, which is the best way to get to that sacred place of alignment within ourselves, and also alignment with God. 

We can use this marked self-awareness to become more intimate with ourselves, which is the true way, in the long run, to feel totally in sync. with the idea that we are entirely lovable permanently.

We get to sit with ourselves, and bask in the amazing feeling of bliss about our lovability. 

When we feel lovable, then we act lovable.  Then, our behavior becomes totally easy and fun, because we are so happy, and peaceful within ourselves. 

Then, our aligned behavior with God allows us to have the best time, as this is the magic of the miraculous life, that is well-lived, while we are well-loved.  

Then, we inch our ways into the high elevation of God, over time, because we are willing to get intimate with the private moment. 

We get absolutely good with all that happens, because we are just standing up to participate authentically in our journey with God. 

This is magical, because we get to really experience the truth of ourselves, and also the truth of the others in the picture.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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