ACIM Lesson 362

Lesson 362: Final lessons: “The holy instant would I give to You. Be You in charge.  For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.”  

I love even the sentence structure in the sentence, “Be You in charge.”  ‘Be You’ are the first words in the sentence and for me it makes for an extra special emphasis.  We get God right away in the idea.  We have only one thing we need to do.  We just let God be in charge.  I love and am endlessly grateful for the simplicity in this message.

I know for a fact that my ego- especially- is in the habit of seizing the reins, and then running like a mad-person to establish control.  My ego, I know from experience, is an expert in simply convincing me that every thing is just perfect when my ego is speaking the loudest.  I get so bewildered by my ego’s persistent madness, and ability to persuade me of its power, -that it is the best choice for my ego to decide my every move.

The Course says if we can’t do anything else, that is ok.  We just need to be willing to do the easiest, most straight forward thing, and choose God.  That’s it. We can make a million mistakes, and have moments when we doubt we are doing enough.  But even when we have every moment with serious doubt, we can stand tall, and keep our shoulders high, because we have God in our corner.  

We just need to stand up and feel God’s certainty- because we can.  That amazing gift is that God is our Savior the instant we think about Him.  God never thinks we sin in any way or that we have done anything that deems punishment.  God actually doesn’t even believe sin exists at all.  Sin was our own ego’s moment of insanity, and so we need to just let it be undone, and we can because sin is unreal. Thus, we can get so happy about ourselves, and truly embrace our lovability, because it is God ordained and God guaranteed.  

We have God as our head cheerleader, and therefore, God is always loving and supporting us no matter what the score appears to be.  We can rest in the comfort of knowing God will always support us, and give us every reason to be happy, certain, confident, and comfortable.

God simply wants us to be endlessly joyful because God gets to feel our happiness too, as we all feel His Elevated Energy, when any of us feel it.  Just give God our hearts, and realize that whenever anything in the world looks off or scary, we simply give it to God.  God wants us to know that His Supreme Power is always within us, but especially when we sit and think about Him.  This is why it works to simply remember to think of God’s certainty the moment we think there is a problem.  This simple Energetic fine-tuning, in our own minds alone, is all we need to shift things that seem amiss.  This is the most powerful that we can simply be, because we have access to God’s Energy and Power, when we remember it is already ours. 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture 


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