ACIM Lesson 221

Lesson 221: “What is forgiveness?”  “Peace to my mind.  Let all my thoughts be still.”

This lesson reminds us, “Father, I come to you today to seek the peace that You alone can give.” 

We are given the real truth of things, that God needs to be part of every waking moment in our lives or we will never be happy, content and peaceful.

 God needs to be a portion of every last thought and word and deed.  We need to make certain that we look closely at our inner workings. 

Check it out.  Be willing to look at the hard stuff, and be open to learning how to release the insanity is within us. 

We are the ones who get to have ultimate say about what is within us, and this is a miracle if I have ever heard one! 

We get to decide everything about how we think, feel, respond, and react. 

We always get to have that moment of looking at what is going on, and this is the first miracle, that simple moment of awareness.

But then we get to then decide how we respond to everything. We get to choose the elevated Energy, and Purpose of God, that we find within responses of Love and forgiveness. 

This sounds perfect and amazing!  We just need to be willing to have the slightest bit of effort in making this reality that rocks, give us our own personal thrill, since we are responsible for making things as they are.

Our egos always think we can do nothing about the picture we see.  The ego complains loudly, saying that the story is written already and therefore unchangeable. 

We are simply victims in the picture, so we have no possibility of rising above it all and enjoying things as we go.

Just don’t let our egos have the loudest voice. 

We can give them permission to speak, but simply listen to them, when they insist that insanity is true. 

Just listen like we would to a 5 year old telling us about a bad dream.  We listen to them and love them, but then we assure them this is just a moment of sleeping. 

The nightmare is over now, and we get to enjoy the wakefulness of choosing a way that makes us joyful, easy, and is fun to live.  When we listen to the ego with utmost kindness, gentleness and Love, we get a very different response from the ego. 

Then the ego feels heard at least, and we are not in some unconscious attempt to ignore the ego.  Trying to get the ego to go away by ignoring it never works. 

When we ignore the ego, the ego gets bigger, so just gently allow the ego to be heard, and trust that the ego will be quieter and calmer and will be less rigid, so that the ego will start fo fade away once it has been heard. 

When we allow the ego to speak whatever it needs to say, this will help the ego to get out of the way.  

We also need to be firm with the ego and let it know that we are not willing to settle for less than getting and experiencing a miracle, so give the ego reason to be quiet, and melt away into a happier and more elevated place.

The shift in consciousness is incredibly easy, but we need to just give the ego space to be heard, and then melt away into nothingness. 

We just need to have an urge to have things be better. 

Then this awareness alone is enough to start the process of shifting. 

Once we have the awareness, then there is space within our minds for the shift.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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