ACIM Lesson 236

Lesson 236: “What is salvation?”  “I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.”  

We are in a grand position to heal ourselves, and thus, our minds. 

When we allow ourselves this, our lives become magnetic for the flow of the fancy of God’s purpose.

We can get electrically happy and thrilled about just our mundane existence because it is an expression of God if we let it be.  

We all have a plethora of problems in the ego’s world, while we live as humans. 

We seem to show up every day for the same, sad, sorry, song of struggle, to the nth degree. 

Truly, our only real problem is that we don’t know how to surrender that inner commitment to our own personal story of suffering. 

But we can- with a bit of attitude- in a Godly way. 

We just need to sit there in full confidence, and acknowledge that we already have God, and therefore, we have all the good stuff automatically.

That full confidence is the certainty the Course talks about. 

Just that certainty that we are lovable as God sees us.  This shift in consciousness is the miracle.

The easy part is that this is already accomplished. 

All we have to do is see it and claim it. 

We give it right to be one with us like God.

We just need to embody certainty, and then, God is already with us. 

Then, we have zero struggles to speak of because they are all undone in a heartbeat when we sit in our state of lovability.

We just need to let those problems vanish into thin air.  

And the amazing thing is that they absolutely do, when we surrender them to God- give the problem to God for good.  

It is always worth doing to allow our certainty to be a little bit closer to our said reality. 

We just need to appreciate life’s gems, and see when life shows us how to get deeper in our certainty. 

What inevitably happens is that we get big or small challenges in the world, and then, we have the opportunity to practice sitting in our certainty. 

We just need to thank God for these moments of divine learning. 

All of the world’s mishaps are just love coming to us in the form of a needed miracle. 

Then, we can just give the miracle that amazing experience of coming to fruition when we let them.    This is our divine purpose.

All love,

Laurie Prrezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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