Laurie’s Positive Points: Gratitude is that power that moves mountains

Laurie’s Positive Points

Gratitude is the power that moves mountains.

Gratitude is so small and indistinct that we can’t even put it into any container. 

It is a feeling, and seems like it can leave us unnoticed, because it is that insubstantial. 

But, the truth is that is is a force to be reckoned with.  

Since the energy of gratitude is only of God, this is why it is so powerful. 

That fact makes gratitude a grand and infinitely powerful solution to what ails us.

The incredible part is that gratitude is this energetic experience, and yet will become the fuel for our tasks and the strength that moves us forward whenever we let it. 

Gratitude is that part of us that remembers all is well in the world, and we remember that we are all well within us. 

Gratitude is the form of love that we share with the world whenever we can.  Gratitude makes us remember that we have absolutely nothing to fear.  

We are getting to play our part in the story of our lives when we get to bring gratitude. 

This feels like a party because it is one. 

We just need to be willing to play our parts and allow gratitude to be our best friend, to be the entity that we crave spending our day with. 

We just need to sit in a appreciation for the gratitude within us.  We bless it, and give it permission to heal the masses.  

Gratitude is just the smallest step, but this is the way we move those mountains. 

When we bring gratitude to the world, we may at times think we are doing little to change things, but we just need to sit and smile. 

We know the truth of things.

We know gratitude is everyone’s best playmate and most prized confidant. 

When we share our day with gratitude, then we give our time to God.  God is the powerful force within the gratitude that shapes kingdoms and does the impossible. 

We just need to let gratitude be our own personal miracle because it includes our personal connection with God.   

This gratitude is the power of God coming right through us, so we just get to have a thrill about that. 

We just need to appreciate how simple it is to make a connection with God and God’s Purpose of Love.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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