Laurie’s Positive Points: How Traditional Chinese Medicine is similar to the Course

Laurie’s Positive Points

How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is like the Course 

One of the reasons I really resonated with Traditional Chinese Medicine is because of the essential ideas of it are different than the standard western type of medicine. 

To me, TCM is more like the Course and the tenets of TCM just feel more real to me when I sit and hear about it or think about it.  

The Course has always been so dear to my heart since I first got into it  because the philosophy is super as a guide to help me to process life. 

It helps me understand how to live and think and what to say and do. 

It gives me the clarity to make sense of the world in a harmonious way as long as I am open to it. 

That is the biggest gift I can give to myself, so I feel richly rewarded that I am so deeply committed to doing the Course.  

TCM can be described with four major principles, (and they are similar to the Course). 

1.  You have a whole, integrated body.

We all have these amazing tools, as our bodies, that are whole and complete and are all perfect tools for living in God’s Universe. 

We have the perfect vehicles to get to do in life exactly what God wants for us to do.  We can trust this and have perfect faith that all is well with our bodies. 

Whatever challenges we have with them are, in fact, perfect lessons for us to learn so we rest happy and trust the process ahead of us and within us. 

The idea of TCM is simply reminding us that we are whole, and therefore, we can relax and take care of problems we may have with a quiet assurance that we are doing what God wants for us.

I also love that in TCM there is the total focus on the whole body when diagnosing witch acupuncture points to use in acupuncture treatment or choosing which herbal remedies to prescribe for a patient; we see the big picture. 

TCM is always seeing the relationships in the body within various body systems, and observing the patient’s overall symptoms. 

This helps the practitioner know how to approach a diagnosis and treatment. 

The whole often gets missed in standard western medicine because there is more focus on breaking the body down into pathogens, or focusing on certain details, instead of the big picture of the person the way TCM always does.

2.  You are always connected to nature.

I love that in TCM, there is a the awareness that we are always connected to our Source meaning God or the Universe or nature. 

This is part of the fundamental design of TCM, and therefore this awareness is never lost because it is a fundamental understanding, and the the whole TCM theory is based on it. 

Whereas, in western medicine, often nature gets sidelined, and the idea of our always being united with our Creator is never really discussed or understood as an important tenet of the understanding of how things work.

3.  You are born with an innate capacity for self-healing.

TCM is of the idea that we all are totally able to heal ourselves, given the appropriate circumstances. 

This is why in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine we essentially remove the blocks to the flow of God.

Because we are innately healthy and whole, there is no problem with staying healthy because it is the natural state. 

Therefore, it is our right and privilege to be healthy and happy because we were born that way.

4.  Prevention is the best cure.

I love the message that we just simply need to stay connected and good at our healthy lifestyle so that we prevent other illnesses. 

It means that we can heal ourselves before we end up in some state of deterioration, because we just need to listen closely to our messages within our bodies and energy fields and within our relationships. 

We want to make sure we are good with God and ourselves in the dream, so that we can make pleasurable choices while we live.  

The Course also says that if we start at the level of energy and thought, then this is the true place where we can change things, and prevent further levels of deterioration in the form of guilt, and then, behavior that throws us out of alignment with God and ourselves. 

We can have the ultimate happy dream if we are willing to be open to looking at what is within our minds and hearts, and this is what we ideally want to experience as much as possible.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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