Laurie’s Positive Points: Positivity

Laurie’s Positive Points: Positivity

 I remember first noting the challenge of heavy and dense negativity when I was younger.

Sometimes I had to ask my family members who were being extra negative to remember to speak of positives. I felt so much better when I immersed myself with other people around me who are committed to talking positively.

I felt so much better when I could engage with my family members by speaking simply.

Sometimes our tribe members may not talk positively regularly, so it is new or different for someone we relate to, but it is worth looking for and asking our loved ones to do this.

When our loved ones with whom we share life are willing to make a change and be more positive, then this drastically affects our lives too.

Sometimes our family members may feel upset when we ask them to be less damaging, but we need to understand how much better we feel when we have a positive environment, so it is worth asking our loved ones to make this change.

If they get upset at us, we need to forgive ourselves and forgive them for their attack energy thrust toward us. Sometimes people are very much attached to their lives and maybe distraught if we ask them to change.

Still, we need to understand that this is worth dealing with their upset because when our environment is more optimistic, we feel happier and more content, so it Is worth doing, even if we have to have an upset about this in our life process.

We also must ensure we are positive in our minds, bodies, and souls. We often forget how much happier and more fulfilled we are when we are positive, so it is worth reminding ourselves.

Negativity is attacking energy, so we need to make sure we do not settle for anything less than positivity in our minds. We will end up blocking the flow of energy and the flow of Love when we have negativity in ourselves. We need to remind ourselves to accept nothing less than this.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture 


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