Laurie’s Positive Points: Prayer is our medium for meeting God

Laurie’s Positive Points:  Prayer is the medium for meeting God.

Prayer is the back door to God, the front door to God, and all the in betweens. 

God wants us to be able to communicate with Him while we are here temporarily separated in the world with bodies. 

God is our guide if we let Him be. 

We get to be in conversation with God all the time if we are willing to be. 

We can just be comforted because we are never alone.  

We always have the Presence of God with us, comforting us and letting us be certain that all is well in the Universe.

 We get to have the Presence of God there with us all the time. 

We just need to pay attention to it and get happy about it. 

We have his miracle of God’s Love and company and direction if we just stop and listen to it. 

We have this amazing connection with God if we are just open to it. 

We have to just be present with it- to check it out.  The miracle of ongoing discussion with God is our gift if we let it be. 

We just need to realize that God is always there for us with a happy and grateful heart. 

We just need to not block the process of our connecting to God.

Our conversation with God is the simple opening our minds to God’s solutions. 

We just need to stop when we have a challenge in the world, and just take a deep breath first, then ask the Holy Spirit to make a miracle, and find some proactive and peaceful solution that will make our hearts feel free. 

We free our hearts when we give God permission to be our map-maker. 

We get to hang out with God all day.  We are the lucky ones when we remember that we want God to go with us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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