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Miracles Lesson 143

Lesson 143: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “In quiet I receive God’s Word today.”  “All that I give is given to myself.” God is teaching us in the Course how to be more effective instruments ourselves, to get to become more optimally functional in the...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Have a fluid relationship with all foods

Laurie’s Positive Points: Have a fluid relationship with all foods. We will need to have conversations continually with all the various foods we eat.  We need to be willing to sit with them individually, notice how we feel when we eat them, and all of the information we have...

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Miracles Lesson 136

Lesson 136: “Sickness is a defense against truth.” This lessen says, “Sickness is not an accident.  Like all defenses, it is an insane device for self-deception.”  I am always thrilled to hear the Course’s rendition about how sickness comes about.  The ego always says that sickness is an accident,...

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Miracles Lesson 129

Lesson 129:  “Beyond this world there is a world I want.” This lesson says, “You cannot stop with the idea that the world is worthless, for unless you see that there is something else to hope for, you will only be depressed.”   I think this is the most...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Go with the flow graciously!

Laurie’s Positive Points Go with the flow! Going with the flow graciously is absolutely the most important thing we can do for ourselves.  It is the most challenging thing, while it is also the thing that will make us happiest and brightest when we do it, so getting into...

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