Laurie’s Positive Points: Intention- is it for us or not?

Laurie’s Positive Points: “Remember to use your intention with consciousness and regularity.” Intention can be our best friend and the most valuable part of coordinating our lives if we use it for our right and highest perspective. The purpose is that we need to make sure and pay attention...

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Miracles Lesson 346

 Lesson 346: “What is a Miracle?” “Today, the peace of God envelopes me, and I forget all things except His Love.” “What is a Miracle?” reminds us, “The Miracle undoes error but does not go beyond perception, nor exceed the function of forgiveness.  Thus it stays within time’s limits.”...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Abundance is our Birthright

Laurie’s Positive points: Abundance is our birthright. The Universe provides us with abundance is meant to be our right because we are of Light and perfect energy.  We have the right to all kinds of gifts in the world while we are humans. We are allowed, and we must...

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Miracles Lesson 339

Lesson 339: “What is the ego?” “I will receive whatever I request.”  This lesson eloquently shares with us, “Let us resolve today to ask for what we want, and only this, that we may spend this day in fearlessness, without confusing pain with joy, or fear with love.” The...

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Miracles Lesson 325

Lesson 325: “What is Creation?” “All things I think I see reflect ideas.” This lesson demonstrates this truth, “And from forgiving thoughts a gentle world comes forth, with mercy for the holy Son of God to offer Him a kindly home where he can rest a while before he...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Be enthusiastic about all we do

Laurie’s Positive Points:  Remember to be entirely enthusiastic and also believe whatever you are doing will be easy.   Our expectation is the key to the situation. When we approach our lives with enthusiasm and believe it will be easy, we are easy-going about all we do. We have...

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Miracles Lesson 218

 Lesson 318: “What is the Last Judgement?” “In me, salvation’s means and end are one.” This lesson explains, “I am the means by which God’s Son is saved because salvation’s purpose is the find the sinlessness that God has placed in me.” I love how the Course is always...

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Easy Does It

Easy Does It Easy Does It” is the perfect mantra to carry with me and us all the time. We need to remind ourselves of this when we forget and start to get bent out of shape. “Easy Does It” is the perfect solution to all of our problems,...

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