ACIM Lesson 96

Lesson 96: “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

This lesson says, “Spirit makes use of mind as means to find its Self expression.” 

The Course teaches us how to live in harmony with our bodies and minds. 

The Course says that the body is not real and therefore, we are encouraged to keep reminding ourselves to not identify ourselves with the body. 

When we do, then we sit with the ego in control because bodies are not inherently perfect and therefore, not from God.

Anything that is not from God specifically is then the ego.

We just need to see one from the other because they are different. 

We want to see which is which because we want to get to that place where we find peace with the idea that we are not simply our bodies.

It seems like an obvious association and this is why the mistake is sure common. 

But our bodies are just temporary.  This is why we simply want to not identify with them.  When we do, then we get totally confused, because the bodies’ attributes are not like God’s and we are inherently of God.

Because we are of God, we always have that part of us that knows this, and then when we see the ego- not God- then it doesn’t feel right.

We just want to appreciate that though we know the difference between spirit and body, sometimes we forget to draw this line in the sand for ourselves so we don’t have confusion about it. 

We want to get to that place where we make peace with what the body is.

Inherently, it is not of God, but it has purpose.

The body has this extraordinary role to play. 

It can be what we use in the world to express our love and be a vehicle for making our choices. 

The body is perfect for getting us around.

If we had no body, we would not be able to bring love to the masses in all the ways that God destined for us to do. 

Therefore, we can love our body for taking on this role.  We can cherish it for giving us exactly what we need in our human lives to fulfill  the destiny God planned for us before we ever came to earth in the first place.

There can definitely be those moments we resist the body because of the possibly of its deterioration and death. 

This seriously weighs on us; this is exactly why the Course reminds us that our bodies are not real.

When we remove our selves from that part of us that is attached to the body and the outcomes of the body, then we totally shift our energetic relationship with the body and our peace. 

Suddenly, the heavy weight of the ego’s story stops halting us on our path.

Then, we must let go of whatever version of reality that the ego wants, and rather, surrender this to God at God’s altar. 

Then, the only thing left  to do is appreciate our bodies for giving us arms and legs to heal the world.

We must carry this inner acceptance and forgiveness that the body fails in some ways, while we also carry enormous appreciation for the ways the body serves us to get ourselves right into the center of God’s Universe to share love.


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