Lesson 218 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lesson 218: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.” “Only my condemnation injures me.”

Our sense of condemnation is when nothing is good enough for us.  Our egos like to claim that nothing is in the realm of acceptable because everything is with some major flaw.  Our egos are aways making everything a problem.  The ego nitpicks and points out incessantly ongoing gaffes and faults.  Our ego makes everything we interact with simply not up to par.  This is the tragedy of our ego because when we live this way, we can never be happy.  Our ego has our misery planned out to a T.  The ego is not at all willing to forgive anything or accept anything.  And it is especially not prone to celebrate anything because it all appears to be an ongoing problem.  Our egos live to find flaws with everything we see.

We think it is all outside of us.  The ego tries to convince us the marks of imperfection are all outside of us.  Therefore we never take a look at how we contribute to the picture or definitely contribute to the problem.  Jesus teaches us in the Course that everything we think we see outside of us is simply a reflection of our own mind.  Therefore we have to be willing to look at how our own minds are at the root of whatever problem seems to be out there.  This way we can see that we are affecting the world we see with our own error in judgement.

Then everything comes back to me because I am the only one that exists.   That’s why we have to understand that everything we do is simply another way to express our own relationship with ourselves.  Nothing else exists except for me.  This is why we need to take responsibility for how our own inner thoughts make the world around us.  Therefore when we make everything outside of us a problem, we need to understand this only comes back to me.  The energy of the world is not separate from me.  Thus I am the only one who ends up being impacted by what I put out into the world.

This lesson says, “ My condemnation keeps my vision dark, and through my sightless eyes I cannot see the vision of my glory.”  Let’s understand that our condemnation is invariably making our vision simply opaque because we can’t see in the shadows of the darkness.  Condemnation is a game the ego likes to play that is simply existing in the shadows.  We have to understand that when we attack others and ourselves and the world in the form of condemnation, our inner light gets muted out.  It’s still there but we can’t see it.  Thus what we want to do is leave this heavy, dense darkness out of our minds.  Then the light of God that shines forever bright will fill us again in the true nature of our minds which is unclouded.  We just need to realize how condemnation dampens our mind and clouds our hearts.  All we have to do is reconnect with the light of God- this is the way to our own happiness because we will be in the grace of God’s light.


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