Lesson 223 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lesson 223: “What is Forgiveness?” “God is my life.  I have no life but His.”

Our egos can jump right onto this idea and say- my life will be ever so limited if I reduce it to just the little segment God can do with me!!  Often people’s ideas about what this means are unfortunately and profoundly mistaken.  Our egos like to tell us that God’s options are equally as limited as the ego’s simply as with the ego’s limited view- they can’t even imagine what the grandeur of God would be like.  Our egos don’t even have the foggiest notion of what the true experience of living in Godly purpose and Godly energy can be.  Our egos totally downplay God because they have no idea of the grandness and total perfection of God.

This is why the Course goes on and on- for 1900 pages- telling us over and over and in great, great detail about what God is like truly and then what is the possibility of the kind of life we would live with God if we choose to do so.  This is why it is ever so important to drill this idea into our brains and our hearts in great length because this is one of the few sources to learn this happy and loving truth about God.  When we truly have no idea of how great God is in fact, then we automatically have a skewed idea of how it is to live in a God-centered life.  This is why we must take the time and effort to learn about this first through the Course’s first hand stories about how great God is.

Then in time, this will seem less far fetched.  Don’t be frustrated in our having a slow process around this, but simply have forgiveness for ourselves and ask God for the willingness to take part in the process of changing our ego-perspective around the nature of God.  And when want to understand that if God is drastically different than most of those in the world believe then we come to understand that our living in the energy and purpose of God is going to be so, so, so extraordinary and out of this world.

We just have to glean from the Course that once we learn how to see the world as unreal, then we can diminish or undo our attachment to the world, then we can be in the world from a place of love and forgiveness.  When we loosen our grip on the world’s perspective from which we usually live, then there will necessarily be space left over for us to bring the peace of God to each activity we do.  What the Course wants us to do is not totally discard the world through our awareness of its unreality but to change our relationship with the world.  We want to be there and know that our bodies and any physical manifestation in the world is just where we are in our consciousness right now. Thus, we have compassion for it and ourselves.  This is the way to be fully engaged in the world while we aren’t making the world more important than God in our hearts.


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