ACIM Lesson 159

Lesson 159: “I give the miracles I have received.” 

The Course reminds us to feel grateful for our receiving miracles.  But we don’t have to feel like they are something out of the ordinary.

The gift of the miracle, the shift in consciousness, should happen all the time, as totally ordinary. 

The miracle is the changing in our minds the flow of our energy, when we shift our energy of being blocked and closed to the joining in our with other people and the situation.

We shift into one of joining and celebrating what is happening because we are engaging with what we see.  The miracle is meant to happen all the time.

 When miracles are not readily occurring, something has gone wrong.  This means we don’t need to fret when we don’t experience the miracle.  There is never anything wrong.  But the Course says stop and notice when miracles are not happening it means we want to stop and get into a Godly frame of mind where we are open to joining with God’s purpose.

And if we can’t in the moment get ourselves open to our own miracle readiness- the potential of the miracle, then pray to God for the guidance and support to allow this shift to happen.

We aren’t asked to walk on water here or raise the dead.  Certainly the Course teaches that there is no order of difficulty in miracles so these things can readily happen.  We don’t want to push away this possibility.

The miracle that the Course is referring to is specifically the shift in consciousness.  The shift in form may or may not simultaneously occur.

This is the chance for us to stop rebelling against what is happening.  When we find our hearts hard and we are pushing back against the world and rejecting what we see, this is when we need a shift in consciousness.  This is why we allow our own minds to shift in the occurrence of the miracle.

The way to be truly at peace is when we remember to give inner permission for the miracle to happen all the time. 

We want to see it as easy and straightforward.  That means we don’t have to think the miracle is out of our reach.  The Course says all miracles are equally easy to do and if they aren’t, we turn to God to ask for help to shift.

The Course says what matters is what is happening in our minds.   When a lot of us studied the Bible there seems to be an emphasis on Jesus’s miracles in that time period to be performed though form primarily.

It seemed like a formidable task to raise the dead so in some ways it seemed to make Jesus more credible at that time.

This degree of change in form was a demonstration of the power of God for those people.

The Course cares not at all about form.  The physical manifestations of our thinking are something we can change if that is what we want to do.

The Course wants us to not focus on trying to change form because that is not where our peace lies and it also means nothing because form is not real actually.

The Course downplays any shift in form because we learn that form doesn’t matter truly.  What matters is what happens in our minds.

The Course tells us over and over to appreciate that we live in form and deal with it in proactive ways, but just let go of any idea that miracles in form are important.  Changes in form are still temporary and unsure because form is dense and not always penetrated by the light of God in our thinking.   We want to appreciate that form may or may not change.

When we have the sift in our minds then we feel the miracle is real because our minds are light. 


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