ACIM Lesson 211

Lesson 211: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “I am the holy Son of God Himself.”

This lesson says, “In silence and in true humility I seek God’s glory, to  behold it in the Son whom He created as my Self.” 

The ego is always talking an inflated talk about us. 

The ego likes to prop itself up with false images and tall tales about the fierce greatness of the ego. 

This is all in the air of arrogance.

The ego feels so worthless that this is all it can offer.  Nothing else.    

The most amazing thing about God is that God’s energy is totally different.

God has this supreme sense of being in a state of Knowledge where everything is perfect and just right as it is. 

This Knowledge state is what we draw in when we seek God’s energy and purpose. 

God expresses this Knowledge and puts the pureness of this into our grandeur. 

This is why the grandeur of God is so much more powerful than any ego vision or ideal or energy.

The grandeur of God is where nothing needs to be said in terms of the ego’s incessant false stories.

When we rest in God’s grandeur and we feel it, we don’t have to look for or rely on anything else, such as the ego, because the grandeur feels so good and right and true.

The grandeur allows us to sit in silence because we feel so good in our joining with God energetically that we don’t have to settle for anything less like the ego. 

Silence is the best way to remember God because then we can just sit in the experience of His energy and elevate ourselves to that state of grandeur.

Thus, we don’t have to have any sense of arrogance of the ego in going for the glory of God and joining with God in the purpose of His glory because we are plugged into that blissful state of grandeur. 

Here, we know we are lovable and that God gives us all the perfect range of perfection in the world’s abundance.  

We can just sit in the knowing that we are given God’s love for all time because God wills it.

This is then the basis of our grandeur.

We don’t have to do anything to try to boost ourselves up to get to God because God is already joined with us completely as we are now since God wills this for us. 

This is why His glory is meant for us and simply is ours.

Therefore, we can come with true humility and join with God and all others in Gods purpose knowing that this is true humility because God wills it exactly as it is.

Therefore, we are never wrong in our connecting and feeling God’s glory because God gives us the gift.  We must just come to enjoy it.  And breathe it.


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