Lesson 108 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lesson 108: “To give and receive are one in truth.”

Jesus is teaching us here that giving and receiving which seem in the world as opposites are in fact completely complementary.  They go together like a hand and glove.  They can’t exist without each other.  They each play an essential role in everything we do in life.  There is never a time when we are not in some form or another giving and receiving always.  This is an underlying energy that gets turned on, in the wheel of our activity, no matter what we are doing.

We are asked to learn that giving and receiving is like breathing.  It’s always in the background of what we do even if we are not focused on that.  We are asked to make peace with our task of both the giving and receiving because both are part of what we do as humans.  I’m making this point specifically because I think some people start to try to avoid either giving or receiving depending on what is their inner inclination.

Very often people get dramatically influenced that they don’t feel worthy of either giving or receiving or they get resentful because either may seem to be a bother.  It helps if we simply stay clear in our hearts that giving and receiving can and are quite beautiful and incredible privileges when we stay connected with God’s love.  When we aren’t trying to give and receive with the ego’s pitch, then we can find a true love and contentment about both giving and receiving.

When we give from the perspective of the ego, there is always lack there and we believe whatever it is will run out.  This is why we have to stay focused in God’s mind where giving and receiving are equally blessed to do because we know that there is never a sense of loss when we give.  We don’t have to be afraid it is going to play a piece in our downfall.  When we know that we are equally blessed in giving, then we realize that extending love in giving results in the absolute betterment of our hearts because we get inundated with love.  This is why we can enjoy giving and be certain of our benefit from it.  This then wipes away our sense of resentment about giving and we can feel full and happy because we tune into God’s infinite ocean of plenty.

Jesus asks us to understand that there is no opposites when looking at giving and receiving.  When we see them as opposites then we also find ourselves with conflict within.


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