Lesson 155 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lesson 155: “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”

This is a two step process and we must be certain we are truly willing to do both parts.  What happens often is our egos are so used to having control that we start to just let them run the show. Our ego is always making double the effort to get the world right because the ego knows it is not actually endowed with these capabilities.  Our ego then needs to live from the perspective of trying to keep everything just so- tightly controlled.

Because our ego knows it is just a breath away from collapsing from the strain of trying to make everything just perfect in the world’s eyes.  Our egos can’t bear even the slightest hint that the ego can’t get things right.  Our egos whole existence is predicated on making things look just so because the ego’s picture within is a nightmare.  That’s why our egos make such effort to get the visible picture just so.  Then the ego can point to the picture and say for a moment while it lasts- see how great I am?

This is why we have to just realize our egos are operating on false premises.  The ego thinks it has to be in charge and therefore run the show because the ego will be seen as ineffectual if anything other than that occurs.  We just have to see on a deep level, our egos are profoundly invested in making the show of our lives.  The Course wants us to realize how much our egos are used to keeping life on track so when we find our willingness to allow God to run the life instead, our egos may just be a little resistant to the idea.

Let’s be firm in our decision and also gentle.  While we don’t push ahead and forcefully try to replace God we can do so with the certainty that this is possible and it is the best for us.  With this attitude of acceptance of joining with God’s plan we can clearly let God in.  All we have to do is know in our hearts this is the only path of real value and heart.  That’s why we must have the willingness and the humility to put the ego away.  Give our egos to God’s altar and simply take the ego away.  Then come to God with wholly open hands and say, “How happy am I to be here, how privileged am I to be the receiver of your guidance.  I am surely the most fortunate to receive such wealth and abundance from our Creator.”

We need to step back.  We can have compassion for ourselves that our ego speaks so loudly.  And in the same heartbeat, we can be firm in our resolve to simply get out of the way and invite God in with open arms and a sure gratitude.  We move ourselves out of the role of advisor to ourselves.  We simply can know that God is perfectly equipped with this talent and devotion for us.

This is the most extraordinary, happy experience for us because God so loves us that He is completely dedicated to making our lives the perfect reflection of our happy dream.  When we realize that God is the only one with all the awareness of what is all happening so God is certainly the only one with the wherewithal to teach us accurately how to live and think.  We can model our lives after the love of God and live in the expression of His greatness.

We are asked not to renounce the world.  Sometimes when the Course says the world is not real, people can misunderstand this.  We want to not be attached to the world so the unreality of the world is the way to do this.  What Jesus is telling us here is to live in the world with God’s energy, emotions and purpose.  We don’t want to live in the world from the ego’s perspective.  That will be sure misery.  Let’s know that we have this option of meeting the world with love and forgiveness.  That’s the way to enjoy the ride.  This is the remedy for keeping our equanimity.



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